Rewatching Angel – Episode 40

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Dead End

  • Lindsey goes about his morning routine. Not easy with one hand.
  • When he gets a tie out of the closet, he sees his guitar. Probably hasn’t played that in a while, huh?
  • Cut to a nice little nuclear family that seems to be running late as their own day begins.
  • Everything seems fine until the dad randomly grabs a kitchen knife and stabs himself in the eye as he hurries out the door.
  • This action triggers a vision for Cordelia.
  • Pretty sure these visions are taking a little more out of her each time she gets one.
  • In a meeting, Lindsey and Lilah are informed that at the end of the week, they’re going to re-evaluate their position.
  • After the meeting, their immediate superior meets with Lindsey. He’s made an appointment for him today.
  • The good guys split up, trying to find leads based on Cordelia’s vision. Though there’s not much to go on.
  • Lindsey goes to see the doctor and is informed that he’s there to get a new hand.
  • He’s under only partial anesthetic and witnesses the surgery. It’s not just the doctor attaching a new hand, it’s a ritual involving some kind of demon, too.
  • After having no luck finding anything, Angel gets Cordelia to try and see back into her vision.
  • She’s able to see that the man is a father and one of the kids has a book bag from Delancy School.
  • The next morning, with his new hand, Lindsey pulls out his guitar and starts strumming away.
  • Lilah sees that Lindsey has a new hand and figures the Senior Partners will pick him over her after their re-evaluation.
  • They meet with a client and while Lindsey explains how litigation will be handled, his new hand is writing the word KILL all over a legal pad.
  • Remember that movie Idle Hands? I think this is kind of like that.
  • Cordelia is feeling better, but she still goes back into the vision. She’s confused by why the guy seemed so happy before stabbing himself. Like he was thrilled to have a new eye.
  • Gunn and Wes come in with info on who they think the vision guy is. But he and his family have vanished.
  • Dead end… So they head to Caritas so Angel can sing.
  • They see Lindsey singing on stage.
  • He’s actually good. And Cordelia says they can’t follow that. The Host says they won’t have to.
  • Lindsey’s got a murderous hand and it sure seems like vision guy’s new eye came from the same donor.
  • Lindsey goes back to the office and hacks his boss’s computer.
  • Angel’s crew discovers the hand once belonged to a Wolfram & Hart employee who mysteriously vanished after serving some jail time.
  • Lindsey, meanwhile, goes to the hand’s previous owner’s parole officer… who is clearly dirty, because he responds to Lindsey’s questions with several punches to the face.
  • Angel shows up just in time to keep Lindsey from being killed.
  • They get the parole officer to spill everything about his parolee.
  • Angel and Lindsey drive to the address where the parole officer dropped off the donor.
  • It’s a well guarded travel agency. Where they keep sedated bodies with missing parts in the basement.
  • The guy whose hand Lindsey now has begs them to kill him. That’s why he was writing “KILL…” He’s saying, “Kill me.”
  • Angel helps the people who can still be saved while Lindsey does what his hand donor asks of him.
  • Then Angel blows the place up. No more spare parts.
  • The next day, Cordelia admits that the visions are starting to take their toll.
  • At the Wolfram & Hart re-evaluation, they reveal that Lindsey is getting the promotion.
  • And Lindsey goes a little nuts. Because he’s pissed that Wolfram & Hart gave him an evil hand.
  • He tells them they should have picked Lilah. She’s been putting in the hours. And she’s got all kinds of dirt on all of them.
  • Lindsey basically resigns and Lilah is promoted.
  • Then Lindsey leaves town. Angel sees him off and tells him not to come back.
  • As Lindsey drives away, we see that Angel has taped a large sign that says “Cops Suck” to the back of the truck.
  • Body count: Humans – 1

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