Seriously Inappropriate Laughter

This is going to look like it’s a political post. But, I promise you, it’s not.

This is a post about basic human decency. Or the lack thereof.

The other night, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when I came across this article posted by a local news station.Migrant Impaled Facebook

What bothered wasn’t so much the subject matter involved in the article. It was what I noticed in the lower left corner of the post.Migrant Impaled Facebook 2

I understand people reacting in certain ways to the things we see posted on social media. But to make a conscious decision to react with a laughter emoji upon seeing a headline that mentions a mother was impaled in front of her children is crass.

Hovering over that laughing emoji with the mouse reveals eight of the names of people who chose that for their reaction. It also reveals that, along with those eight, 46 more people laughed. I really thought about calling out those eight whose names show up first, but what’s the point? They won’t see this blog. And nothing I say would convince them that they’re horrible human beings for laughing at someone else’s pain.

54 people chose to laugh at this headline as of this writing. I clicked the link and read the article and found nothing more humorous about it upon further inspection. The woman survived her injuries, by the way. Her children are fine. I still just do not see how any of that makes this a funny situation.

Look, this isn’t political. I could not care less on what end of the political spectrum you find yourself. I don’t care if you support the president’s border wall. I don’t care if you are of the belief that we should simply have open borders. And I won’t sit here and argue about what’s right and wrong. Yes, she was attempting to scale a fence in order to illegally gain access to the United States. Yes, she was injured in that failed attempt. She made a poor decision. But how is that a reason to laugh?

She could have been killed. In front of her very young children.

To those who laugh, I ask: what if that were you? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for just a moment. Imagine you were desperate enough to do whatever you could to try and provide a better life for your children, even though you knew it was dangerous and illegal. Imagine that your children are watching as you fail… as you fall.

Still funny?


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