Rewatching Buffy – Episode 87

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.

Listening to Fear

  • Buffy and Dawn keep Joyce company at the hospital.
  • Her surgery has been scheduled for the day after tomorrow. That brain tumor is a goner.
  • Buffy tells Joyce that she doesn’t have to patrol because Riley and the gang have it taken care of.
  • Meanwhile, Giles, Xander, and Willow take out a couple of GLOW vampires.
  • Riley is nowhere to be seen.
  • Because he’s somewhere unseemly allowing a lady vamp to feed from his arm.
  • Seems a little twisted…
  • Willow arrives at the hospital with gifts for each of the Summers ladies.
  • Joyce blurts something random and slightly inappropriate, a likely side effect of the tumor.
  • In the hospital corridor, a crazy guy whose sanity was sucked out by Glory a few episodes back spots Dawn and makes it clear that he can see how different she is.
  • Dr. Ben stops by and asks if that guy was bothering them. Apparently the psych ward is overflowing, so that guy’s getting discharged to be looked after by family.
  • Later, Willow and Tara are out stargazing when they spot a meteor that crashes nearby.
  • Something crawls out of it…
  • The guy who was discharged from the hospital is wandering in the woods, babbling to himself.
  • And he’s attacked by the thing that escaped the meteor.
  • At the hospital, Buffy convinces the doctor to let her take Joyce home in the time before her scheduled surgery.
  • The Scoobies, including Riley this time, check out the meteor’s crash site and discover that it’s hollow and broken from the inside out.
  • They find the dead crazy dude.
  • Everyone but Riley goes into research mode. He volunteers to stay behind and keep looking for whatever killed the guy.
  • Riley calls his old Initiative buddies.
  • The creature from outer space makes its way to the hospital’s psych ward.
  • Its victim of choice is the insane.
  • It kills one of the psych patients, then moves on. It notices Joyce as they get ready to leave the hospital.
  • I don’t think anyone can actually see this space creature.
  • Graham arrives with a Major Ellis in a helicopter at the meteor site. Riley shows the team the body and the stuff that the thing spit into the crazy guy’s mouth to kill it.
  • The space creature got into the Summers house somehow. It’s pretty much stalking Joyce.
  • Buffy and Dawn help Joyce get to bed and, for a moment, Joyce sees the Key. Kinda freaks Dawn out.
  • Dawn is starting to notice that multiple people are telling her she isn’t real. Buffy tries to explain that it’s not her… it’s them.
  • Not sure that worked…
  • At the research party, the gang discovers that the demon in the meteor is called a Queller.
  • And they discovered that it was likely summoned. But by whom?
  • The consensus is Glory…
  • Willow calls to fill Riley in and he’s at the hospital.
  • Apparently the Queller killed five mental patients, not just the one we saw.
  • Joyce is rambling… talking to something that’s above her…
  • Uh… it’s the Queller. Just hanging out on the ceiling.
  • Buffy’s downstairs doing dishes and turns on the radio so she doesn’t have to overhear her mom’s insanity. And she breaks down.
  • Riley’s team is tracking the Queller and get confused when the trail ends.
  • He realizes it must have hitched a ride with the Summers’ girls.
  • The Queller attacks Joyce and Dawn is able to beat it off her mom with a coat rack.
  • Dawn is able to call for Buffy, who goes on the hunt.
  • Spike pops up out of the basement, claiming to be stealing stuff that he can sell. But Buffy notices they’re pictures of her.
  • She calls him out on it, but then the Queller attacks them.
  • Buffy kills it…
  • And then the Initiative show up. Just in time for clean up.
  • Of course, Spike rubs that into Riley’s face a bit.
  • Ben gets into his car and one of Glory’s scabby demon minions is in his back seat.
  • He asks Ben why he summoned the Queller.
  • Ben explains that he’s cleaning up Glory’s mess. Just like he’s done his whole life.
  • Uh… what’s this? Ben and Glory are connected?
  • Before Joyce goes in for surgery, she asks Buffy about Dawn. The truth about Dawn.
  • Joyce makes Buffy promise that, if anything happens to her, in the surgery or after, she will take care of Dawn.
  • Body count: Vampires – 2; Humans – 6; Quellers – 1

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