Rewatching Angel – Episode 30

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

The Shroud of Rahmon

  • Wesley is in an LAPD interrogation room. He says, “It all went horribly wrong.”
  • Then we flash to Angel feeding on a blonde…
  • But before all that, Angel and Gunn go to help Gunn’s cousin who’s gotten involved in something big, supernatural, and illegal.
  • There’s some kind of heist going down at a museum and a vampire named Jay-Don is coming to town for it.
  • Angel takes the case away from Gunn and says he’ll take care of it. Gunn’s not happy about that.
  • Angel gets back to the Hyperion and Detective Kate Lockley is waiting for him. She’s still hunting down Darla.
  • I’d be willing to bet she’s the blonde that we saw at the beginning.
  • Angel meets Jay-Don at the bus terminal and stakes him, then he takes his place.
  • A scabby looking demon with long hair is Jay-Don’s ride from the bus terminal.
  • Angel meets up with another demon, a security guard, and Gunn… who is posing as his cousin Lester.
  • The crew goes over the plan to steal the Shroud of Rahmon, worth $2 million on the black market.
  • The LAPD has been watching the scabby demon and the security guard. They’re pretty sure they’re planning a heist at the museum.
  • And since they’ve been following scabby, they’ve got a picture of Angel posing as Jay-Don.
  • And, of course, Kate’s interested in the case.
  • Wes and Cordelia research the Shroud of Rahmon and discover that it makes anyone in its proximity crazy go nuts.
  • They go to the museum to warn Angel and as soon as they’re in the building, they feel the effects.
  • Team thief get into the vault and the shroud begins affecting everyone.
  • Gunn and Angel are at each other’s throats and they accidentally drop the shroud’s case, breaking the glass and releasing… something… more…
  • Part of the plan is to tie up the security guard. Not part of the plan is having spiny demon behead him.
  • Kate gets to the museum, finds Wes, and asks him where Angel is.
  • Scabby demon begins freaking out about fingerprints.
  • Spiny demon is ready to take out all the humans when Wes and Kate storm in.
  • Angel begins talking to Kate as if he had reverted to Angelus.
  • When she begins firing her gun, he grabs her and feeds.
  • SWAT comes in soon after and finds Wes leaning over Kate’s body. That doesn’t look great for Wes.
  • Angel, Gunn, Scabby, and Spiny get the shroud back to their base of operations.
  • And they open the case. Bad idea jeans.
  • They all start fighting over who gets to keep the shroud.
  • Scabby shoots Spiny in the head.
  • Angel comes to his senses long enough to realize the shroud needs to be burned.
  • Back in the interrogation room, Wes has completed the story. But it sounds crazy. And they’re ready to charge him with murder.
  • But then Kate comes in, alive and well.
  • Well… she’s definitely suffered some blood loss.
  • Turns out, after Angel bit Kate, he whispered for her to stay down or the others would kill her.
  • Body count: Vampires – 1; Humans – 1; Demons – 1

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