My Favorite Movies #76 – Grease

Grease - PosterGrease


Directed by Randal Kleiser

Netflix says… John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John star in this hit musical comedy that chronicles the romantic entanglements of a group of high school seniors, starting with a summer fling between greaser Danny and good girl Sandy.

  • Awesome, we haven’t hit a musical on this list since The Greatest Showman.
  • Get ready to sing!
  • Okay, you don’t have to sing. But if you don’t, I’m gonna assume you don’t know how to experience true joy in your life.
  • Did you know Olivia Newton-John was 30 when she played Sandy?
  • Olivia Newton-John was also my first crush as a small child.
  • Stockard Channing was 34!
  • I mean, I get casting actors in their early 20s to play high school students. You cast minors, you have limited windows of opportunity to shoot scenes because of child labor laws.
  • Also, the content of Grease is pretty explicit. I had no idea how adult this movie’s content was when I was a kid.
  • I mean, I would sing along to “Greased Lightning” like it was nothing.
  • Y’all… that song is dirty.
  • Dirty, dirty, dirty.
  • But it’s still a fun movie to watch. And sing along with.
  • Ha… I like how, at the beginning of the movie, Jan says, “We are adolescent!”
  • Who’s she trying to convince?
  • It’s Sandy’s first day in a new school and she has no idea where she’s supposed to be. Shouldn’t her parents have been responsible enough to register her prior to the first day of the year?
  • Okay… time for “Summer Nights.”
  • Movies like Grease and High School Musical give a false impression of what high school is like.
  • People don’t just burst into song. And they certainly don’t harmonize with one another.
  • It’s really disappointing.
  • By the way, it’s not just the main cast that are super old to play high school students.
  • At the pep rally scene, you can clearly see a couple of middle aged football players with obvious comb-overs.
  • Did they not have young actors in the late 70s?
  • Okay… Travolta was only 24. Probably makes him the baby of this bunch.
  • What childhood trauma made Rizzo the way she is? Because she is a horrible human being.
  • I’m not looking up the facts on this one, but the “girl” who steals Danny away from Sandy at the dance contest has gotta be in her mid 40s.
  • I’m a little bummed that most of the snarky things I have to say about Grease involve the age of the actors.
  • How about this… Grease has a horrible message for the youth of America.
  • It tells us that, no matter what it takes, you should change yourself for the person you think you’re in love with in high school.
  • Despite all this, it still lands in my top 100 and I love watching it.
  • And singing along with all of the songs.
  • Even “Beauty School Dropout.”

All right, that does it for the bottom quarter of my Top 100 Favorite Movies. Come back next week for something a little more family friendly with number 75: Swiss Family Robinson.


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