Rewatching Angel – Episode 28

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

It’s been a while on this one, too. Need to play catch up? Click here.

Guise Will Be Guise

  • A guy who (stereotypically speaking) looks like he may have ties to the mob comes by the hotel looking for Angel.
  • He needs to hire someone with his particular set of skills. Wesley doesn’t seem to impress him too much.
  • Angel’s out of the office because he’s at Wolfram & Hart trying to find where they’re keeping Darla.
  • Cordelia gets there in time to talk him out of it.
  • Angel heads to Caritas to get read by the Host. He feels like he’s way off his path.
  • The Host is sending him to a guy called the T’ish Magev, who can apparently help Angel out of his funk.
  • So Angel drives out to this cabin where he meets a pretty regular looking guy.
  • Meanwhile, another mob looking character shows up and, at gunpoint, demands that Cordelia deliver Angel.
  • To save Cordy, Wes walks in wearing one of Angel’s dusters and claims to be Angel.
  • Angel and the T’ish Magev get introspective.
  • Wes agrees to go along with the guy so he won’t shoot Cordelia.
  • He’s taken to meet Magnus Bryce. He needs protection for his daughter. And he’s nice enough to offer “Angel” a glass of fresh blood.
  • Bryce explains that the family money comes from wizardry, not the cable company that they run.
  • Wes is then taken to meet Virginia Bryce in her room… where there’s a mirror.
  • He’s almost busted, but then he demands that the mirror get covered up.
  • Cordelia calls Gunn to go get Angel (the real Angel) so they can save Wes. She’s pretty sure Wes is in real danger as long as he’s pretending to be Angel.
  • Wes goes with Virginia when she goes shopping. She needs a birthday gift for her dad.
  • Two men try to abduct Virginia, but Wes steps in. They leave without a fight when they believe he’s Angel.
  • Back at the T’ish Magev’s place, they take a break from talking/sparring and the T’ish gets on the phone, admitting he doesn’t know how much longer he can keep up the act.
  • This guy is a fake. He killed the real T’ish Magev. He’s only there to distract Angel on behalf of Lanier, one of Bryce’s rivals.
  • Now Lanier knows that the guy guarding Virginia isn’t Angel…
  • Back at the Bryce house, Virginia and Wes are bonding. And then Wes takes down a couple of fake guards outside her bedroom.
  • They’re definitely gonna hook up…
  • Except Virginia knows about the curse. At the same time, Angel and the fake T’ish are talking about the curse. Angel explains it’s about perfect happiness… not specifically sex.
  • Yeah, Virginia and Wes hook up…
  • Gunn arrives at Magev’s place after sunrise. The fake Magev knocks him out and Angel walks out on the porch just in time to figure out the truth.
  • Fake Magev brags about how Angel can’t get to him, what with the direct sunlight and all. So Angel grabs the guy’s fishing rod and hooks him by the mouth, reeling him up onto the porch.
  • At Bryce’s house, Cordelia arrives to “rescue” Wesley. And Bryce reveals he knows the truth about Wes.
  • Virginia doesn’t take it well, so Cordy and Wes leave.
  • Bryce is angry with his henchman, who brought him the wrong guy. But he’s not gonna kill him. Because he needs him to protect Virginia for final hours before the sacrifice.
  • Sacrifice? Doesn’t sound too good for Virginia.
  • Once Angel and Gunn get back into town, they figure out that Bryce is going to sacrifice Virginia to a demon named Yeska.
  • Team Angel gets back to the house just after Bryce begins the ceremony.
  • Before Wes can free Virginia, Yeska appears. And then she claims the sacrifice is impure.
  • Bryce is mad, thinking that if he’d really hired Angel, Virginia would still be a virgin… But then she drops the bomb that she hasn’t been a virgin for a long time.
  • She slugs her dad and walks out.
  • Body Count: No one died this episode!

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