Rewatching Angel – Episode 25

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

First Impressions

  • Angel is at Caritas talking with the Host after singing.
  • The Host talks to Angel about his heart. It may not be beating, but it can still be broken.
  • As Angel leaves the stage, he spots Darla next to the bar.
  • And the share a slow dance.
  • Suddenly they’re the only people in the room.
  • Other than the Host, who’s serenading them.
  • Angel’s dreaming. And from the sound of Darla’s dialogue, it’s not the first time they’ve met once upon a dream.
  • Gunn shows up and needs Angel’s help against a demon named Deevak. But Angel’s still sleeping.
  • Gunn doesn’t seem too willing to accept Wes and Cordelia’s offer of help.
  • David Nabbit shows up. Angel called him for financial advice regarding the Hyperion.
  • Gunn’s less than happy about Angel being late to the party and the others tagging along.
  • They all go and meet Jameel, who was holding out on Deevak info until he got paid.
  • Except now he’s scared to talk. Gunn tries to beat the info out of him.
  • But they’re interrupted by a gang of vampires, which the good guys handle just fine.
  • Well, not just fine. They had kind of a rough go of it.
  • Angel just says he needs some sleep. Cordelia points out he’s been doing a lot of that lately.
  • Back at home, Cordelia has a vision. Gunn’s in trouble.
  • She tries to call Angel… but he’s asleep. Again.
  • In his dream, he and Darla are moonbathing. He hears the phone ringing, but she convinces him to ignore it.
  • She leaves a voicemail with Wes to get Angel and meet her at Gunn’s.
  • Cordelia attacks a guy that Gunn is sparring with, thinking he’s fighting a demon.
  • While she was in Gunn’s place, Angel’s car was stolen.
  • Back in Angel’s dream, he’s interrupted by Wes hammering nails into a coffin.
  • In the real world, Angel attacks Wes as he wakes up. Wes snaps him out of it and explains about Cordelia’s message.
  • Gunn’s not very appreciative of Cordelia’s concern for his life. But she’s taken it upon herself to protect him whether he likes it or not.
  • Gunn takes Cordelia to a place where the car might be. It’s not there, but they’re sent to the guy who probably has it.
  • Deevak then emerges from the shadows. He’s got it in for Gunn, apparently.
  • Then why not just confront him right then and there? It was just him and Cordelia. If he wants Gunn dead, he could’ve easily done the job in a second.
  • Gunn and Cordelia go to a party being thrown by Desmond, who may have Angel’s car.
  • Gunn confronts Desmond just before a bunch of vampires crash the party. They throw one of Gunn’s friends through plate glass.
  • They get her to the hospital in time to save her life.
  • Desmond tries to sneak away, but Cordelia stops him and demands the car.
  • Wes and Angel show up at the party house as the cops clean up the mess.
  • They stop a woman coming out and ask her for some info. Turns out she’s a vampire and Angel convinces her to start talking.
  • Gunn and Cordelia go to where the car is being stored. But Deevak has the keys.
  • Remember Jameel from earlier? He was Deevak the whole time. He’s a shapeshifter.
  • Angel and Wes arrive. They all fight together and take out Deevak’s three hench vampires and Deevak himself.
  • After it’s all over, Cordelia tells Gunn that the danger in her vision wasn’t Deevak. It was Gunn.
  • He’s a danger to himself. He’s self-destructive.
  • Back at the hotel, Angel walks in and is greeted by Darla. He’s dreaming again.
  • But this time, Darla’s really there, climbing over him as he lies in bed.
  • Body count: Vampires – 6; Demons – 1

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