Rewatching Angel – Episode 24

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Are You Now or Have You Ever Been

  • Angel is showing interest in the abandoned Hyperion Hotel, the place where he and the pregnant woman hid out for a hot second last week.
  • And then we flashback to the hotel’s heyday back in the 1950s.
  • Angel was a long-term resident at the Hyperion. He gave the staff the heebie jeebies.
  • These flashbacks are happening at the height of the McCarthy hearings in congress as well as a marked age of racist policies upheld by hotel staff.
  • Angel notices a man in the hallway talking to someone who isn’t there, but he doesn’t get involved.
  • There’s another, suspicious fellow in the hallway.
  • And in his room, he finds a frightened woman who’s hiding from the suspicious fellow in the hallway.
  • Angel does just enough to get rid of the guy who’s looking for the girl (Judy), but then slams his door in her face, too.
  • In the present, Cordelia and Wesley discover that the Hyperion has quite the violent history and that the current owners have been trying to get rid of the property for more than a decade with no luck.
  • There is clearly something in the hotel. Because it whispers to the guy that Angel saw talking in the hallway, and then he shoots himself.
  • The hotel manager says this is the third suicide in the last three months.
  • And the whispers tell him that since this is the third in three months, the hotel will get shut down.
  • So he decides to store the body, not call the police.
  • We get more instances of the whispering voices telling people the things that will make them the most paranoid.
  • Judy runs into Angel at the Griffith Observatory. She’s trying to thank him, but he’s pretty cold toward her. Clearly, he still doesn’t want to get involved.
  • Back at the hotel, Judy warns Angel that there’s a rumor going around that the guy in 215 was murdered. Which means the police will get involved.
  • Angel confronts Judy about the “boyfriend” she was hiding from actually being a private investigator. She admits that she’s being sought after because she stole a lot of money from a bank where she worked.
  • She stole the money because she was fired for having a black mother, even though her skin color is light enough that she looks like a white woman.
  • Angel agrees to help Judy.
  • In the present, Cordelia finds info on Judy… but no confirmed date of death. Could mean she’s still around somewhere. Maybe Angel helped her after all.
  • Angel hides the money in the basement and warns Judy to go back to her room.
  • He begins hearing the whispers and understands that there’s something in the hotel that’s making people crazy.
  • Present-day Angel goes back to the Hyperion basement and finds the money.
  • He calls Cordelia and Wes and tells them that the hotel is possessed by a Thesulac demon that’s been there since before the hotel was even built.
  • This thing feeds on human fear and paranoia.
  • Angel wants them to call Gunn and then head to the hotel so they can force the demon to take corporeal form so they can kill it.
  • In the past, Angel goes to an occult bookstore to learn how to deal with the Thesulac.
  • But if he learned how to kill the Thesulac in the 50s, why is it still around at the turn of the century?
  • Many of the hotel’s residents argue in the lobby when the PI returns flashing a picture of Judy.
  • They all gang up and go after Judy. Angel returns in time to try and stop them.
  • But then she betrays Angel, calling him the murderer, exposing the fact that he keeps blood in his room. He’s a monster.
  • The crowd turns into a lynch mob, tying a noose around his neck and throwing him over the second floor railing so that he hangs over the lobby.
  • Suddenly, they’re all disgusted with themselves and they disperse.
  • Of course, this doesn’t kill Angel. Once he’s alone, he loosens the rope and drops to the floor.
  • He encounters the Thesulac, who’s now so full on the fear of the people that he takes corporeal form without being summoned.
  • The demon mocks Angel for getting his feelings hurt. He says that Judy really was his friend, which made her fear taste that much better.
  • He then suggests that there’s a hotel full of tortured souls that could use Angel’s help. Angel just says for him to take them all.
  • Back in the present, they summon the demon and he appears. He reveals that the room service at the Hyperion is still excellent, even though it’s been abandoned for well over a decade.
  • Turns out, Judy’s still in her old room. The Thesulac has been feeding on her for all these years.
  • Angel electrocutes the demon and finds Judy. He tells her she’s safe and can leave now.
  • She’s excited to leave, but says she just needs to rest first.
  • Angel helps her lie down and she begs for Angel’s forgiveness, which he gives.
  • And then she dies.
  • Angel informs the team that they’re moving into the hotel.
  • Can we just assume that Angel used Judy’s hidden cash to purchase the building?
  • Body count: Humans – 2; Demons – 1

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