Rewatching Angel – Episode 21

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Blind Date

  • We open on a blind girl walking down a crowded street at night.
  • But then we abruptly cut to Angel fighting and dusting a couple of vampires.
  • After his fight is over, he hears someone struggling. Angel comes across a dead body and is then attacked.
  • By the blind girl…
  • It’s like she’s a female Daredevil.
  • Her shades fly off her face during her fight with Angel and we see that her eyes are pure white.
  • She handily tosses Angel through a wall. He recovers pretty quickly, but she’s gone.
  • The next day, Cordelia is able to find the blind girl through the LAPD database. She’s something of a career criminal.
  • Vanessa Brewer is currently on trial for murder and she’s represented by Wolfram & Hart. Pro bono. Which means she’s probably working for them.
  • Angel arrives in her courtroom and throws her sunglasses to her, which she easily catches.
  • Lindsey, Ms. Brewer’s attorney, manages to get her cleared of all charges.
  • The Senior Partners still seem unimpressed with his performance. He’s made some mistakes throughout the past year.
  • In a meeting with Holland Manners, one of his superiors, Lindsey seems to have a crisis of conscience when it’s implied that Vanessa may need a defense in the slaying of some children in the near future.
  • Angel is pretty much enraged when he finds out Vanessa was acquitted.
  • He can’t wrap his head around the fact that no matter what he does, Wolfram & Hart will always be there to knock him back, because Angel can’t play on their level, by their rules.
  • And then Lindsey shows up. He wants Angel’s help. Because he wants out of Wolfram & Hart.
  • He tells Angel about the contract and the kids that Vanessa is supposed to kill.
  • Lindsey says he can’t go back to Wolfram & Hart because they’ll kill him.
  • Some companies have random drug testing, W&H has mind readers.
  • Lindsey needs Angel to break into the W&H vault where the contract is kept. But the lawyers have shamans that can detect when a vampire is on the property.
  • So Angel convinces his new friend, Gunn, to get his hands on a vampire that he can deliver to the Wolfram & Hart lobby. That should throw the shamans off the scent.
  • It all seems to be going according to plan. But the guards easily stake the vampire that Gunn delivered.
  • While Angel’s in the vault getting the discs he needs, he gets curious about a scroll.
  • That wasn’t part of the deal. When he takes it, it’s like the Cave of Wonders shutting down on Aladdin.
  • Angel manages to escape, but Lindsey gets held up by a random mind reading.
  • The mind readers move down a line of lawyers. They get past Lindsey and don’t seem to indicate that anything’s wrong.
  • They have a little chat with Holland, who then gives the group of attorneys a speech about how much it hurts him, personally, to find out that one of their own has been disloyal.
  • He gives a nod to a security guard and then confronts Lee, the attorney standing next to Lindsey.
  • Apparently Lee has been approached by another firm. And he was planning to take clients with him when he left.
  • Wolfram & Hart clearly has a zero tolerance policy for disloyalty. So Lee is shot in the head.
  • But Lindsey isn’t completely in the clear. Holland asks him to stay back for another talk.
  • Cordelia begins going through the discs that Angel stole from the vault, but they’re encrypted. Wesley gets to work translating the scroll that nearly got Angel trapped in the vault.
  • Holland knows all about Lindsey’s alliance with Angel and what they stole from the vault.
  • He understands that Lindsey is having a crisis of faith and that he just needs a few days off to figure out his place in the scheme of things.
  • Cordelia gives Willow a call and she’s able to help with the encrypted files. Funny, since she’d been spending so much time trying to decrypt those files that Spike gave her.
  • Turns out, the kids that Vanessa is supposed to kill are three powerful seers who only become more powerful as they mature. And they’re blind, too.
  • Vanessa kills their caretaker and smiles menacingly at the three blind children.
  • Angel and Lindsey show up in time to stop Vanessa.
  • As Angel fights her, he’s able to take away her sightless advantage by staying completely still. Since he makes no noise by breathing, she can’t sense where he is.
  • So he kills her. And the children are safe.
  • Wesley figured out that the scroll that Angel stole contains the prophecies of Aberjian. It talks about the children that Angel saved.
  • Also, there’s a prophecy about a vampire with a soul. Which is probably why Angel was inexplicably drawn to it.
  • Lindsey returns the stolen discs to Holland, indicating that he made enough copies of files to keep himself safe.
  • But Holland knows Lindsey came back because he’s strong enough to stay with Wolfram & Hart.
  • Holland isn’t offering him his old job back. He’s offering him his job. Holland’s moving upstairs.
  • Lindsey accepts his promotion.
  • Guess he’s over his little crisis of faith.
  • Body count: Vampires – 2; Humans – 4

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