Rewatching Buffy – Episode 76

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.

The Yoko Factor

  • The Initiative is getting overcrowded with demons.
  • Pretty sure Adam has something to do with that.
  • The colonel who is currently in charge at the Initiative video conferences with a suit, probably some elected official on a Senate subcommittee, and claims that Riley wasn’t the soldier the politicians had hoped he would be.
  • Because he thinks too much.
  • Shame when they have minds of their own.
  • The suit wants Finn back in the fold. The colonel feels that they’ll find him soon. He won’t be far from the girl. Who he says is “just a girl.”
  • Ha…
  • The government underestimates the Slayer. So does Adam.
  • Adam continues to promise Spike that he’ll get rid of his brain chip, as long as he gets Buffy where he wants her at the right moment.
  • Spike has the idea to come between Buffy and her friends. If Buffy’s alone, she’ll fall in line when the time comes.
  • Riley is still camping out in the burned out high school.
  • Xander drops by to give him some more supplies. They have an Angel hate-along.
  • In the conversation, Riley figures out that the perfect happiness that breaks Angel’s curse involves sex with Buffy.
  • Uh… When Buffy was filling you in on her previous relationship, did you not assume they’d slept together?
  • Giles is singing “Freebird.” He may be taking requests. And this is obviously foreshadowing for the season 6 musical episode.
  • And Spike interrupts looking for Buffy.
  • He claims he knows where to locate Initiative files on Adam. Giles agrees to a deal with Spike.
  • And then Spike makes him feel unimportant… because he’s not really her Watcher anymore.
  • Willow and Tara are planning Willow’s classes for sophomore year.
  • Riley visits Buffy in her dorm. She seems distant.
  • Probably because Angel yelled at her last week.
  • I still say it was well deserved.
  • Xander brings Initiative style clothing to Spike so he can sneak into the Initiative.
  • Spike uses this opportunity to get into Xander’s head and insecurities. Two down, one to go.
  • How will he pull Willow away from the group?
  • Buffy’s on patrol, hunting for Adam, and she runs into Forrest in the forest.
  • They both check out a cave and have a heated conversation about Buffy’s relationship with Riley.
  • And it’s the right cave. Adam interrupts their conversation before they start throwing punches.
  • They fight Adam instead of each other.
  • Forrest’s electro-gun does nothing but recharge Adam.
  • Forrest gets skewered and Adam forces Buffy to leave him behind.
  • Spike brings some files back to Giles and Willow works on decrypting.
  • Giles is drunk. Guess Spike’s mockery got to him.
  • Now he’s openly mocking Willow’s hacking skills. And her Wicca thing is just a phase. Clearly a euphemism for her new relationship with Tara.
  • That’s three. Spike’s Yoko Ono plan seems to be working.
  • Riley is scanning the Initiative’s radio channels and picks up that a squad is in trouble and needs back up.
  • Ever the Captain America, he suits up and goes to their location, only to find Angel has pretty severely beaten a couple of commandos.
  • But he’s never seen Angel. He doesn’t know this is Buffy’s ex. Right?
  • But Angel knows Riley. Uh… how?
  • And from that, Riley figures out that this is Angel.
  • They’re both irrational… Riley assumes Angel’s soul is gone, Angel’s just letting him believe it. So they fight, of course.
  • The fight’s broken up when an Initiative truck pulls in. Angel doesn’t want to get captured. Riley doesn’t want to get arrested.
  • Angel shows up at Buffy’s dorm. Riley’s not far behind.
  • Angel came to Sunnydale to patch things up. He felt bad after going off on Buffy when she was in LA.
  • I still say he was in the right.
  • And Buffy admits that he was, at least, partially right in what he said.
  • Spike returns to Adam’s lair and brags that he separated Buffy from her friends.
  • Buffy goes back to talk to Riley and she needs to tell him something difficult.
  • He assumes she’s breaking up with him to return to Angel.
  • No, she has to break the news that Forrest is dead. He leaves abruptly, visibly upset by the news.
  • Buffy meets everyone at Giles’ apartment.
  • Giles is super drunk. Xander is sulking because he thinks he’s useless. Willow still hasn’t decrypted the files.
  • Buffy doesn’t understand why they’re all arguing and at each others’ throats.
  • Buffy storms out. She says she understands why there’s no ancient prophecy about the Chosen One and her friends.
  • Back at Adam’s cave, Riley shows up. Adam has been expecting him.
  • To be continued…
  • Body count: Humans – 1 (Pour one out for Forrest.)

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