Rewatching Angel – Episode 19

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.


  • Sorry I kind of left this one on a cliffhanger, guys.
  • I guess I do that with Faith episodes…
  • It was unintentional this time, I promise.
  • Angel brings faith to his underground apartment.
  • He leaves her to rest. She imagines beating him severely, but just continues to lie in the bed.
  • The next morning, Wesley’s not thrilled that Faith isn’t locked up downstairs.
  • Neither, really, is Cordelia.
  • They both take off, while Angel attempts to argue that they’re not in the business of giving up on people.
  • Back at the apartment where Faith was staying/torturing Wes, the police are investigating.
  • Kate’s there, too. Even though she wasn’t assigned to the case.
  • Back at Wolfram & Hart, our trio of attorneys aren’t too happy about the fact that Faith hasn’t made good on her contract and is now, in fact, hanging out at their target’s apartment.
  • Wesley’s grabbing a drink at a local pub when he’s approached by the three worst Watchers in the world.
  • They claim that the Council is willing to reinstate Wesley as a Watcher. They just want him to help them capture Faith. Again.
  • Faith begins feeling extremely guilty about all that she’s done. She rambles about what she did to Buffy, not to mention sleeping with Buffy’s boyfriend.
  • Only Angel didn’t know Buffy was dating someone now…
  • Back at Wolfram & Hart, they’re hiring yet another assassin. This time to take out Faith.
  • The Watchers give Wes a syringe with a powerful tranquilizer that will knock Faith out long enough to get her back to England where she’ll be rehabilitated.
  • The new assassin is a wallcrawler and easily gains access to Faith.
  • She and Angel easily kill the demon, but the demon’s blood on Faith’s hands causes her to break down again.
  • And then Buffy walks in.
  • She says she was worried about him. Giles heard that Faith had tried to kill Angel.
  • But Buffy’s not on board with the “Faith wants to change” game plan.
  • Angel tells Faith to get upstairs, where she encounters Wesley.
  • He warns her, Angel, and Buffy that the Watchers are coming. Faith slips out and Buffy goes after her.
  • After the failure of the second assassin, the lawyers decide to go to the police. So they visit Kate.
  • Lindsey lets Detective Lockley know that Angel is keeping Faith with him.
  • On the roof of Angel’s building, Buffy confronts Faith.
  • In spite of their heated argument, Buffy still helps save Faith from the gun-toting Watchers.
  • They also attack Angel and Wesley downstairs.
  • That wasn’t part of the deal!
  • Between them, the good guys manage to take down the Watchers.
  • In the chaos, Faith disappears.
  • Kate shows up with a ton of cops and arrests Angel for aiding and abetting a wanted felon.
  • When they get to the station, they see that Faith is already there. She turned herself in.
  • Buffy and Angel then hash things out in another heated conversation.
  • Angel has the moral high ground, which is unusual when it comes to conversations with Buffy.
  • And then she talks about how she has someone new in her life. Someone she loves. She says it’s all new to her because, for a change, she trusts him.
  • I kind of have a problem with this whole thing. The only reason Buffy mentions her relationship with Riley is to hurt Angel. Is Buffy, at her core, really that vindictive?
  • It seems out of character to me.
  • I mean, I get that she may not have fully been on board with Angel’s plan to rehab Faith, but I just don’t think that would be enough to cause her to plunge this metaphorical knife into Angel’s heart and then twist.
  • Normally, I’d take Buffy’s side in an argument. Because… Buffy…
  • But I’m Team Angel this time around.
  • Body count: Demon Assassins – 1

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