Rewatching Angel – Episode 7

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

The Bachelor Party

  • Cordelia’s got a date with a wealthy guy named Pierce. For some reason, he picks her up at the office. Where Angel and Doyle grill this guy on his intentions for our young Cordelia.
  • Doyle comes across a picture of Buffy, not realizing it’s Buffy. Reopens some old wounds and pours a little salt.
  • And then he has a head splitting vision of a vampire nest downtown.
  • Turns out, Cordelia’s date is incredibly dull. All he talks about is buying and selling… something… on some market.
  • I bet, once upon a time, that would have done the trick for Cordelia.
  • At the nest, we see Angel take out one vampire. And he lectures Doyle on the benefits of letting out his demon side in a fight, which he hates to do.
  • When Pierce drops Cordelia back at the office, they’re attacked by a vampire that followed Doyle from the nest.
  • Pierce runs off like a big man and Doyle saves Cordelia.
  • This all begins to make Cordelia reconsider Doyle as a dating option. But as they’re having a serious conversation…
  • In walks Doyle’s estranged wife, Harry. And she calls Doyle Francis.
  • Doyle makes it sound like he’s the private investigator and Cordelia and Angel work for him.
  • To kick up the awkward a bit, in walks Richard, Harry’s fiance.
  • He’s one of those weird guys who wants everyone to be friends.
  • First of all, no. For one thing, being friends with your ex is weird. Being friends with your new wife’s ex is weirder. Back off, Dick Richard!
  • Harry shoos him away and hands Doyle the divorce papers. You know, so she can legally marry Dick Richard.
  • Doyle talks to Angel about his backstory. He reveals that his demon half didn’t present itself until he was 21, after he was already married to Harry. So he figures that’s why she left him.
  • He asks Angel to follow Dick Richard for a bit. Just to make sure he’s on the up and up.
  • Richard gets something from someone in a strange car, then walks to a steakhouse. Whatever it is, he hides it in the back of the fridge.
  • Sometime later, he and Harry walk into the same steakhouse kitchen. Richard goes to get some wine and we see his face change. He’s some kind of demon.
  • Angel crashes through the window and attacks, thinking Richard is attacking Harry.
  • She stops him. She knows that he and his family are demons.
  • Harry is a demonologist. She explains that she did initially freak out when Doyle’s demon half revealed itself, but then she accepted it.
  • She left him because he couldn’t accept himself.
  • Doyle signs the divorce papers and Richard invites him to his bachelor party. Yeah, that’s weird.
  • Richard’s family discusses the itinerary for the bachelor party. They gloss over the part where they perform a ritual involving eating the first husband’s brains.
  • One more reason why Doyle should decline the invitation to this bachelor party.
  • Angel tags along with Doyle to the party. Probably a good idea, considering what’s really going down.
  • Angel seems really suspicious of Richard’s brothers. He’s right to be.
  • Richard talks to Doyle and makes it sound like he just needs his blessing to feel comfortable marrying Harry. Apparently in their demon tribe, blessing means brain food.
  • Angel follows the brothers into the kitchen, because they’ve been up to something shady.
  • He witnesses Richard’s uncle beginning the ritual, then calls Harry to ask for a translation of the uncle’s chanting.
  • When he gets off the phone, the brothers attack Angel. And the cousins get involved.
  • They throw Angel out the window, knocking him out.
  • Doyle gives Richard his blessing. Which gives them permission to lock him inside this cabinet thing where only his head sticks out.
  • They inject him with an anesthetic that numbs his head. It’s thoughtful of Richard not to want Doyle to suffer when he cuts into his skull.
  • Back at the bachelorette party, Harry figures out that Richard intends to eat Doyle’s brain.
  • Angel wakes up and puts on his game face. Now it’s a party.
  • He kicks in the door just before Dick Richard can slice open Doyle’s head.
  • And it’s a pretty decent fight. Angel versus a whole family.
  • Doyle finally embraces his demon side and breaks his confines, joining the fight.
  • Harry runs in and stops the fight. And Cordelia, still not knowing about Doyle’s demon half, beats him with a serving platter.
  • Harry then lectures Richard on his family’s inconsistent following of their ancient rituals. And then she breaks off the engagement.
  • Doyle mopes around the office. And then he has another head splitting vision.
  • This time, it’s a vision of Buffy…
  • Body count: Vampires – 2

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