Rewatching Angel – Episode 6

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Sense and Sensitivity

  • Some sketchy guy is being chased down by Detective Kate.
  • She arrests him and brings him down to the station for questioning.
  • There are a lot of pictures of some guy named Little Tony.
  • Her superior says he can’t think of anyone who can find Little Tony if the guy they’re interrogating doesn’t talk.
  • Kate has a look in her eye that tells us that she just might know a guy.
  • Meanwhile, Angel is fighting some kind of ginormous tentacled demon. He leaves the cleanup to Cordelia and Doyle.
  • Kate goes to Angel to find Little Tony. She’s hesitant, though. She doesn’t want to get Angel killed.
  • She still doesn’t know what Angel really is.
  • Kate’s dad, as it turns out, is a cop. He’s retiring. When she offers to speak at his send off, he tells her not to go to any trouble.
  • Seems like they have a great relationship.
  • Angel seems to have no trouble tracking down Little Tony. He calls Kate and she’s on her way, but Tony’s taking off.
  • So Angel takes it upon himself to stop Tony from hopping a boat.
  • Kate’s not exactly grateful that Angel stopped Tony from leaving.
  • Guess what law firm represents Little Tony…
  • He wants Wolfram & Hart to take out Detective Kate.
  • Tony’s attorney arranges for him to get away from the precinct.
  • Angel gets the feeling that things with Little Tony aren’t over.
  • Doyle comes in and announces that Little Tony is planning something. What that something is? No clue.
  • Kate’s lieutenant orders her to sensitivity training because of how she treated Tony. I’m willing to bet Wolfram & Hart pulled these strings.
  • At the training, the guy leading it introduces the talking stick. Suddenly people are opening up. More than they probably should.
  • Angel and Doyle figure out that Little Tony is going after Kate.
  • When Angel goes to warn Kate, she invites him to her dad’s retirement gig.
  • The shrink is meeting with Tony’s attorney. Of course he’s on Wolfram & Hart’s payroll.
  • During Kate’s speech at the retirement party, she gets extremely emotional. And everyone else that was in sensitivity training encourages her. And everyone else is getting emotional, too.
  • And then a fight breaks out. Good times.
  • Angel takes Kate back to his office. She tries to get info about the sensitivity training. But she’s drunk on emotion.
  • Angel tracks down the sensitivity trainer. Looks like there’s a lot of dark arts involved with that talking stick.
  • Kate leaves the office to go find her dad. She needs to confront him.
  • Everyone at the precinct is going nuts. Providing Little Tony with the perfect escape plan.
  • One of the overly emotional cops decides that keeping people prisoner makes people worse than if they were free. So he frees them.
  • And they beat him to a pulp as a thank you.
  • After interrogating the trainer, Angel is feeling the emotions, too.
  • But he did find out that Little Tony plans to kill Kate himself. The emotion stuff will wear off eventually.
  • In spite of his crazy emotional state, Angel arrives in time to save Kate.
  • Tony’s back in jail. Wolfram & Hart has dropped him because he shot up the precinct and attempted to kill a detective in view of witnesses. The senior partners feel he’s become a liability.
  • Kate’s dad stops by and lets her know that the things she said and the way she acted embarrassed him. He never wants her to bring it up again. What a prince.
  • Body count: Ginormous Tentacle Demons – 1

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