Rewatching Buffy – Episode 59

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 21 years ago.

The Harsh Light of Day

  • Buffy and Willow are hanging at The Bronze. Oz’s band is playing.
  • It’s good that the high school hang out can still be cool when you make that transition to college.
  • Willow points out that Parker (that boy from last week) is there, too. Apparently they’ve been hanging out all week.
  • Parker offers to walk Buffy back to her dorm. How sweet.
  • I still say he’s a douche. But probably because he’s not Angel.
  • Oz and Devon discuss their upcoming gig in LA. I smell a crossover with Angel!
  • Harmony approaches Willow as she helps load band equipment into Oz’s van.
  • Wait, wasn’t she killed on Graduation Day?
  • Yep, she was. She’s a vampire now.
  • And she bites Willow. Not cool, Harmony. Not cool.
  • Oz shows up in time to frighten Harmony away with a cross. She drops the threat that she has a boyfriend now and he’s gonna be mad that they were mean to her.
  • Yeah, sure he will be.
  • On the walk back to the dorm, Parker shares all his intimate secrets. He’s using the old, “Dad died last year” ploy. He points out that it’s important to live for now.
  • I think he just wants to get in her pants.
  • Xander is helping Giles with the organizing of his books. Anya shows up. Doesn’t knock… just walks in. Because that’s what people do.
  • She wants to know where her relationship with Xander is going. He’s kind of caught off guard. Because, what relationship?
  • Apparently Anya can’t stop thinking about Xander. She assumes a relationship will just appear out of thin air.
  • Willow and Oz let Buffy know about Harmony. And the boyfriend.
  • Meanwhile, Harmony heads underground where there’s a lot of excavating going on.
  • Turns out, the “boyfriend” is Spike.
  • Spike is searching for a crypt. And Harmony is the most annoying, high maintenance vampire. Why does Spike put up with her?
  • Somehow, she convinces Spike to take her out to a party.
  • It’s the same party that Parker is taking Buffy to. How about that for convenient.
  • When they run into each other, Spike throws the guy they’ve been feeding on at Buffy and then he and Harmony make a break for it.
  • Buffy catches up to Spike and gives him a hard time about the Drusilla situation.
  • Harmony spills that they’re looking for the gem of Amarra. Spike’s not happy with that little reveal.
  • Anya drops in to Xander’s basement, wanting to talk some more.
  • But she doesn’t actually talk. She just gets undressed. That’s one way to do it.
  • Buffy calls Giles to ask about the gem of Amara. He says it’s the vampire equivalent of the Holy Grail. A mythical source of vague enormous power.
  • Seriously, Harmony is the most annoying vampire of all time. Why, Spike? Is it just because she’s hot. Because, on the crazy/hot scale, she’s not worth the trouble.
  • Anya believes that, if she sleeps with Xander, it will help to get him out her mind. I don’t think that’s how it works. I mean, I’m no expert…
  • Buffy heads back into the party and dances with Parker. I have a feeling he’s gonna get that one thing that he’s looking for.
  • Yep… that makes three couples having the sex this episode. Must be a theme.
  • Giles has discovered something important. He calls, but Buffy’s not home. Because she’s at Parker’s.
  • Awkward morning after… Parker can’t hang out because “his mom is coming by later.” Sure she is.
  • Awkward morning after… Anya reveals that she’s over Xander now. She doesn’t sound too convincing. When Xander says okay, Anya gets angry and storms out.
  • Awkward morning after… Harmony is writing Spike loves Harmony on his back. She complains that he loves the tunnel more than her. He says he loves syphilis more than her.
  • Giles is waiting for Buffy at her dorm room. The gem of Amara may not be a myth and it’s probably in Sunnydale and Spike is probably on the right track.
  • Willow talks to Buffy about Parker. They’re both excited about this new relationship and new possibilities. Don’t get too excited girls.
  • In a happy little montage, Buffy is trying to find Harmony and keeps checking to see if Parker has called (he hasn’t… he won’t) and Spike has found the crypt.
  • He thinks he’s found the gem in some kind of amulet that he puts around his neck. In a rage, he stakes an annoying Harmony.
  • But she doesn’t turn to dust. Because she’s put on a ring that is the actual gem of Amarra. So he rips the ring off her finger and puts it on his own.
  • Walking on campus, Buffy comes across Parker giving the old “Dad died last year” speech to another girl. Shocker.
  • Read between the lines, Buffy. You had sex with him. That’s all he wanted from you. Now he’s ready to move on to someone else.
  • Somehow he manages to get Buffy to apologize for the whole thing before walking away.
  • And then Spike attacks. In the daylight. That’s a handy new trick.
  • Buffy still manages to get the upper hand in a fight and stakes Spike. Then he’s dumb enough to reveal that the gem of Amarra is the ring he’s wearing.
  • The rest of the gang find Harmony in the crypt and she lets them know he’s got the gem.
  • Back at the fight, Buffy manages to pin Spike down and pulls the ring off his hand.
  • He scrambles away before the sun can disintegrate him.
  • Buffy suggests that Oz deliver the ring to Angel. I definitely smell a cross over.
  • No one died in this episode! Yay!

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