Rewatching Angel – Episode 2

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love these shows so many years ago.

Lonely Hearts

  • Doyle is trying to get Angel to join him and Cordelia for a night on the town. Mostly because Doyle wants to ask Cordelia out but isn’t quite sure how to do it on his own.
  • Cordelia comes in with new business cards.
  • Which get spilled all over the place when Doyle gets a vision.
  • All he sees is a cheesy bar where something bad is gonna go down.
  • At that bar, a quiet blonde is approached by a guy named Kevin. He’s laying it on real thick.
  • The Angel trio show up looking for trouble.
  • Cordelia is trying to drum up business. Doyle warns her that the police might think they’re going for a vigilante thing.
  • Angel meets a girl at the bar named Kate. Both of them have the awkward small talk stuff.
  • As Cordelia and Doyle discuss his visions (a gift Cordelia would return if it were her), a douchey guy approaches to ask if the number on the card is really her number.
  • Doyle doesn’t take kindly to that. Or the guy’s implication that Cordelia is a working girl.
  • Meanwhile, Kate and Angel are kind of hitting it off. But he turns Kate down when she asks if he wants to leave with her.
  • And then a fight breaks out between Doyle and the douchey guy’s friends. Angel joins in. It’s a party.
  • Remember the quiet blonde and Kevin? They’re in bed together. It’s kind of awkward.
  • The next morning, Kevin is a bloody mess. And the quiet blonde slips out like nothing is unusual.
  • Team Angel feels like the struck out at the bar. They do some research and find that at least two dead people were last seen at the bar.
  • Angel heads back out and runs into Kate outside the bar. He tries to convince her not to go in because it might not be safe.
  • She lets him know he’s not helping with her trust issues.
  • At the bar, Kate talks to the quiet blonde for a minute. Then the quiet blonde turns back to a dorky guy that she’s been chatting up.
  • She seems a lot more outgoing than she was the night before.
  • Someone asks the bartender about Kevin. Apparently he didn’t show up at work. ‘Cause he’s dead.
  • Doyle and Cordelia do some demon research. Cordelia mentions that demons are really disgusting. Doyle, being half demon, tries not to take offense.
  • Back at the bar, they figure out that Kevin left with Sharon (the quiet blonde). Angel’s able to figure out where she lives.
  • In Sharon’s bed, it’s awkward again. This time it’s awkward with dorky guy.
  • Something bursts out of Sharon’s chest and into dorky guy’s back.
  • Some kind of demon parasite that moves from body to body?
  • Angel gets there in time to find Sharon’s dried up husk while the parasite finishes crawling into the other guy’s back.
  • They fight. Dorky guy gets away. Kate shows up and pulls a gun.
  • She’s a cop. And it sure looks like Angel is a murderer.
  • As she goes to arrest him, Angel breaks loose and jumps out the window.
  • During a musical montage, Kate heads over to Angel Investigations to… uh… investigate.
  • I don’t think she has a warrant to search the place. So anything she finds can’t hold up in court.
  • Meanwhile, dorky guy’s demon parasite moves on to a new girl.
  • Might make it hard for Angel to keep tracking it.
  • Angel reaches out to Kate for help because she’s been tracking this thing a lot longer than he has.
  • Kate asks the bartender to let her know when Angel gets to the bar. He tells her he’s out in the back alley.
  • And then he knocks her out. So now the demon parasite is driving the bartender. And he’s about to switch over to Kate.
  • Angel shows up just in time, saving Kate’s life. He and the bartender fight.
  • Angel and Kate get locked in the basement while the bartender goes to look for another victim he can connect with.
  • But he’s having a hard time finding someone who will look at him… since he’s starting to rot.
  • He settles for straight up abduction, but Angel manages to catch up to him before he can kill again.
  • They fight again, and the demon bartender falls into a barrel fire and is pretty much incinerated. And Kate shoots him, too. For good measure.
  • Kate apologizes for mistaking Angel for a serial killer. And she admits to searching his place illegally.
  • Body count: Humans – 4; Parasite Demons – 1

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