Rewatching Angel – Episode 1

Angel - TitleWelcome to Rewatching Angel, the part of the blog where I rewatch the Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off: Angel. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love so many years ago.

City Of…

  • Angel’s in an LA bar. He’s pretending to be drunk.
  • Because he’s hunting a vampire gang. The head vampire, BTW, would later be known as Sawyer on Lost. Yeah.
  • Angel takes out all three of these vamps pretty handily.
  • Angel’s got a really nice place. It’s an underground apartment beneath a pretty spacious office space.
  • Where does he get the money for that kind of rent in LA?
  • Anyway, he comes home and there’s some guy in his lair.
  • This guy, Doyle, is a half-demon. He’s been sent by the Powers That Be to give exposition for everyone who has never seen a single episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Doyle goes on to explain that killing some demons here and there isn’t enough. He has to make himself a part of the human race that he’s trying to save. Because if he doesn’t, he may be tempted to feed off one of those humans he’s trying to save.
  • Doyle gets visions from the Powers That Be. They show him images of people who need help and give him head-splitting migraines in the process.
  • He gives Angel the name Tina and the place where he can find her. She needs help.
  • Not sure what kind of help she needs, but she could be in some kind of danger.
  • She works in this coffee shop.
  • And Angel is not good with the small talk. But he manages to get her to meet him when she gets off work.
  • But then she comes at him with pepper spray, accusing him of working for some guy named Russell.
  • He convinces her that he has no idea who Russell is. She only says it involves relationship trouble.
  • Tina’s late for a glamorous party, so Angel drives her there.
  • At the party, Angel bumps into a guy named Oliver. “You’re an actor,” he says. “It’s not a question.” He’s offering his services as a manager when Angel wants to find work.
  • Also, Angel bumps into Cordelia. She’s apparently working as an actress, living in a condo in Malibu. And she’s still the same old Cordelia.
  • Meanwhile, Tina faces some trouble from a guy named Stacy. A creep who works for Russell.
  • All Tina will say about Russell is that he’s someone she made the mistake of trusting.
  • After the party, Tina is abducted by Russell’s guys. So Angel chases them in his car.
  • Uh… why does a vampire drive around in a classic convertible? Sure, that works at night. But LA has the reputation of being a pretty sunny place during the day.
  • Angel manages to stop Russell’s guys and gets Tina back.
  • Back at Cordelia’s “condo” in Malibu, her answering machine reveals that she’s doing a lot of auditions, but not actually working. Oh, and the “condo” is a crappy apartment.
  • Angel takes Tina back to his underground lair. Kind of creepy, y’all.
  • Tina explains that guys like Russell get away with murder. He likes pain. You don’t leave him. He tells you when he’s had enough.
  • One girl, Denise, who tried to get away disappeared.
  • Angel does some digging on the internet and discovers that Denise was murdered.
  • Tina wakes up from a nightmare, and as Angel tries to comfort her, he spots the note that Doyle gave him with Tina’s name on it.
  • There goes the trust. Now she really thinks Angel is working for Russell.
  • And when Angel tries to chase her into the sunlight, she sees his face change.
  • Back at Tina’s apartment, Russell is waiting.
  • He looks like a sleazeball to me.
  • Tina asks about Denise. Russell says he bought her a ticket home to Pensacola.
  • He only wants to help her. So she says she wants to go home.
  • So Russell vamps out and kills her.
  • Angel discovers Tina’s body. He’s pissed. So he’s ready to track down Russell and take him down.
  • Back at Russell’s mansion, he’s meeting with his attorney while reviewing footage from the party. He spots Cordelia and decides he wants to meet her. Because he wants something to eat.
  • He sends a limo to pick her up.
  • At the house, Cordelia picks up pretty quick that he’s a vampire. No mirrors. Heavy curtains. You can’t fool a girl from Sunnydale.
  • Angel makes it to Russell’s mansion before Cordelia can come to any harm. He grabs Cordelia and gets her out of there.
  • Back at Angel’s place, Cordelia and Doyle deal with Angel’s wounds.
  • The next day, Angel appears at Russell’s office.
  • The attorney, from Wolfram & Hart, tries to stand in Angel’s way.
  • But he’s not intimidated. He just walks around the lawyer, then he shoves Russell out the window.
  • He’s dust before he hits the ground.
  • Remember that call that Buffy got at her house where no one was there? It was Angel. He hung up.
  • Cordelia is cleaning up the office space and suggests that they start a business.
  • Angel Investigations is born.
  • Body count: Vampires – 4; Humans – 1

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