Rewatching Buffy – Episode 53

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.


  • The mayor presents Faith with a present.In return, he’d like her to pick up a package from the airport, something crucial to his ascension.
  • His gift to her? An insanely elaborate knife. It’d probably make a Klingon jealous.
  • Buffy and Angel fight some vampires in the cemetery. They slay two of them.
  • The next day, Joyce gushes over Buffy’s acceptance to Northwestern University.
  • But can Buffy leave Sunnydale to go to college?
  • Conveniently, UC Sunnydale exists just down the road. And Buffy was accepted there, too.
  • Cordelia seems extra Cordelia-esque. Kind of slamming everyone’s college possibilities and Buffy’s lack of future.
  • Buffy talks to the Watchers about the possibility of leaving. She’s desperate to leave.
  • So she suggests taking the fight to the mayor. Stop waiting until Graduation Day.
  • At the airport, Faith shoots the delivery guy with an arrow. He dies, they take the box.
  • At City Hall, Buffy is doing recon outside when she sees Faith arrive with the box.
  • Buffy follows the vampire that was driving Faith around and interrogates him. I assume she killed him, but it wasn’t shown, so it doesn’t count.
  • The gang decide they need to get their hands on the box, so they begin planning how to break into City Hall.
  • Xander sees Cordelia in a dress shop and goes in to confront her about her attitude. He assumes she’s been rejected by schools, so her grapes are sour.
  • Turns out, she’s been accepted to USC, Colorado State, Duke, and Columbia.
  • Buffy, Angel, and Willow break in through the skylight at City Hall and Willow does some mojo to counteract a protection spell around the box.
  • Buffy heads down, Mission: Impossible style. But when she grabs the box, it sets off an alarm.
  • Two vampire guards bust in, but Buffy and Angel get away with the box. Willow, however, is captured.
  • The mayor isn’t happy with the situation, but seeing Willow cheers him up.
  • Back at the library, an argument ensues about whether or not they should trade the box back for Willow.
  • Mostly, Wesley is the one saying they need to destroy the box over getting Willow back.
  • The argument is moot when Oz smashes the vessel being used to destroy the box. Decision made.
  • Back at City Hall, Willow manages to slay her one inept vampire guard by floating a pencil into his back and through his heart.
  • She has a chance to escape, but explores, instead. She finds the Books of Ascension in the mayor’s office and begins reading.
  • It can be assumed that a great deal of time passes before Faith returns. Willow stands up to her… it’s actually pretty awesome.
  • A meeting is set up at the school. Mayor Wilkins meets Buffy Summers for the first time.
  • The mayor might be my favorite of the Big Bads that show up each year. His interactions with, well, anyone, are pretty fantastic. The only Big Bad that might give him a run for his money is Glory, who we’ll see in Season 5.
  • They make the trade, but Snyder interrupts. He thinks it’s some kind of drug deal.
  • The mayor reveals that he’s there, instilling an appropriate fear in Snyder.
  • Then an idiot cop who’s holding the box decides to take a look inside. Some creature jumps out and latches onto his face.
  • Yeah, he’s dead.
  • The giant bug creature crawls around, then latches onto the mayor’s face. But he’s impervious to harm, so he’s all right.
  • Meanwhile, another of those things crawls out. One crawls onto Buffy’s back, which she smashes by falling backwards.
  • Faith kills the other one that’s crawling up a wall by throwing her brand new knife at it.
  • The mayor says it’s time to go and Faith has to leave the knife behind.
  • In debriefing, Willow isn’t able to give much info about what she gleaned from the Books of Ascension. But she was able to tear a bunch of pages out that she gives to Giles to look over.
  • Buffy realizes that she’s stuck in Sunnydale. Even if it’s not the mayor, something else will threaten humanity.
  • Willow reveals that she, along with Buffy, will attend UC Sunnydale.
  • Remember when Xander confronted Cordelia in that dress shop? Turns out she works there. Why would Cordelia need a job? Doesn’t daddy buy her anything she needs?
  • Body count: Vampires – 3; Humans – 2; Weird Bug Creatures – 2

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