Rewatching Buffy – Episode 49

buffy-titleWelcome to Rewatching Buffy, the part of the blog where I rewatch Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Each Tuesday evening, you’re invited to join me as I attempt to rediscover what made me love this show 20 years ago.


  • Previously, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith accidentally killed a human. Not just any human. The deputy mayor. Faith weighted the body and dumped it in the harbor. Oh, and she feels no remorse.
  • Note: last week I incorrectly referred to the deputy mayor as Mayor Wilkins’ personal assistant. My bad.
  • Buffy wakes from a nightmare in which she’s drowning. The deputy mayor is pulling her deeper into the water. Faith keeps pushing her head back under.
  • She gets out of bed and finds her mom watching the news… they found the deputy mayor’s body. Guess Faith isn’t as good at covering up as she thought she was.
  • Wesley wants the Slayers to look into the deputy mayor’s death. Buffy and Giles object… this isn’t Slayer jurisdiction.
  • Enter Cordelia. Wesley is smitten. Giles clues Wesley in that Cordelia is a student.
  • Once the Slayers are alone, Faith is quick to remind Buffy that if she goes down for the killing of the deputy mayor, Buffy goes down, too.
  • Angel scopes out the scene of the crime. He’s putting two and two together.
  • Mr. Trick reveals to the mayor that wooden splinters were found in the deputy mayor’s heart. This can only mean a Slayer was involved in his death.
  • The Chosen Two check out the deputy mayor’s office, looking into why he was in that alley in the first place. Maybe he was looking for the Slayers. Maybe he was planning to betray the mayor.
  • Buffy confronts Faith about how she’s dealing with their actions. Faith still feels no remorse. The way she sees it, they’ve done so much good, this mistake still keeps them in the plus column.
  • A Sunnydale police detective visits Buffy and Faith separately. He doesn’t get much from either of them.
  • Buffy goes to see Willow and breaks down. Willow suggests that Buffy talk to Giles.
  • She gets to the library, but Faith is already there. Faith has told Giles everything… but makes it look like Buffy is the one responsible.
  • Giles acts like he’s bought Faith’s version of the story. But he knows Faith is lying. “She may have many talents but, fortunately, lying is not one of them.”
  • Giles attempts to comfort Buffy. Accidents happen. But Faith is unstable and is unable to accept responsibility. She can’t be helped unless she admits that what she’s done was wrong.
  • Meanwhile, Wesley overhears everything from just outside Giles’ office. He calls the Watchers’ Council. That can’t be good for anyone.
  • The Scooby Gang discuss how to approach Faith. Xander suggests that he talk to Faith… since they now have a “connection.”
  • Even though Buffy tells him that’s not a great idea, he goes to Faith’s place anyway. She’s less than receptive.
  • As Faith commits assault against Xander, Angel moves in and knocks her out.
  • She wakes up chained to the wall at Angel’s mansion. As a monster with a tortured soul, if anyone can get through to her guilty conscience, it’s him.
  • Just as Angel attempts to break through to her, Wesley and the Watchers’ SWAT team bust in and apprehend Faith.
  • And that pretty much destroys any hope the good guys had of rehabbing Faith.
  • Of course, Faith breaks out because these Watchers are grossly incompetent.
  • Buffy manages to track Faith to a cargo ship at the docks.
  • They talk. They fight. Then Trick and his gang of undead join in.’
  • Faith slays three vampires, including Mr. Trick. And when she killed Trick, that action directly saved Buffy’s life. Maybe there’s hope for her yet.
  • Oh… but then she shows up at the mayor’s office. “I guess that means you have a job opening.”
  • Body count: Vampires – 3

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