AFI #36 – The Bridge on the River Kwai

bridge-on-the-river-kwai-posterThe Bridge on the River Kwai


Directed by David Lean

Netflix says… Director David Lean’s sweeping epic–best known for a whistling work theme that became legendary–is set in a World War II Japanese prison camp, where British prisoners are forced to build a railway bridge as a morale-building exercise.

It’s nice to see Alec Guinness in something that’s not Star Wars. Especially since I heard for so long that he regretted doing Star Wars because he was afraid that’s all people would know him from. Well, it’s all I know him from. That and Doctor Zhivago, which I’m sorry to say my mother made me watch as a child. Joe, a friend from work, informed me that this is one of his favorite movies. I can see this being a favorite. Not for me, but it was very good. I would say it comes to a somewhat depressing end. But, such is life, at times.



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