AFI #40 – The Sound of Music

the-sound-of-musicThe Sound of Music


Directed by Robert Wise

Netflix says… In Rodgers and Hammerstein’s greatest collaboration, a feisty postulant named Maria (Julie Andrews) is sent to care for the unruly, motherless Von Trapp children. She soon tames them–and finds herself falling for their stern father (Christopher Plummer). Oscar-winning director Robert Wise used stunning Austrian locations to transform the popular stage musical into a cinema classic in which the hills truly seemed to come alive.

Really glad this was next on the list. Because it seriously reminded me just how much I freakin’ love this movie. I love the music. I love the characters. I love the humor. Such a great film. It’s one that definitely belongs in the top 100. Okay, I’ll give it to you, the opening scene with Julie Andrews twirling on a hilltop is a little cheesy. But that’s okay because it’s iconic at the same time. Best interaction in the whole movie? Gotta be the scene after the Captain introduces the kids to Maria. He’s tried to teach her all the different signals with the whistle. But she doesn’t want to use the whistle and argues that it’s degrading. So as the Captain walks away, she whistles loudly and lets him know that he didn’t teach her his signal. “You may call me Captain.” Classic. Maybe you had to be there. By far the greatest of the Rodgers and Hammerstein flicks. I might go watch it again.The Sound of Music - Maria.gif


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