A Letter To Aaron

Paul, of The Captain’s Speech, was kind enough to write me a letter. Go check it out. That’s not a request!

The Captain's Speech

Dear Aaron,

I was watching paint dry the other day when I was faced with a conundrum about nothing important. I wondered, is a water bottle still considered a water bottle if there is no water in it? Or is it just an empty bottle? And if it is just an empty bottle, why do people still call it a water bottle?

But I digest. Yes, digest.

Anyway, hippity hoppity hoo, how are you? How do you feel today?

Those two questions have always made me think. How do I feel today? With my hands. And you know what, I’ll probably feel with my hands tomorrow as well.

Why don’t people ask: Are you good, great, or sad your favourite restaurant isn’t open late? That’s really the only answers we need to give to people for them to know how we are.

I say we start a movement, Aaron. We…

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