Guest Post: The One with All the Baseball – Aaron from The Confusing Middle

Jess asked me to write a guest post for her blog, You’re Fine, while she’s living it up in the City of Lights! Go check it out!

Jess is peachy

A photo by JOHN TOWNER.

I’m wrapping this week up with a wonderful post by Aaron from The Confusing Middle about his most interesting travel story. Sometimes, it’s not about where you’re going or what you’re doing, but to appreciate all of life’s experiences.

An interesting travel story, huh? It’s actually the kind of trip that may not be that interesting to some people. Because it involves a lot of baseball.

I almost feel like the sport of baseball can be a polarizing topic. Most of the people I’ve encountered in my life either love the game or hate it. Those who hate it will talk about how boring it is. I’ll concede that. At times, baseball can be a very boring game. I mean, the outfielders just stand out there for hours waiting for a ball to get hit toward them.

But if you’ve been to a game, you know how much fun it…

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One thought on “Guest Post: The One with All the Baseball – Aaron from The Confusing Middle

  1. Oh this rang a bell.

    One of my favourite periods in my life is when my mother moved in with me for a month so that she would be nearby a medical center she was an outpatient at. Doesn’t sound like a fab time, right? Well, it was just amazing to wake her up in the morning, and share supper every night. As adults who enjoyed each other’s company. Sharing the mundane everyday life together.

    Might not be about baseball, but that quality time with the pops… priceless. ❤️

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