The Single Guy and the Bad Trip

The following tale is based on actual events which occurred a number of years ago…

There were a number of attractive women at the school in which I once worked. As a rule, I didn’t think of any of these women as potential dating possibilities. For one thing, only a select few were actually single. For another, workplace relationships seem extremely complicated at best. Unless you happen to be named Jim or Pam.

Office - Jim and Pam.gifThis didn’t mean that I didn’t notice an attractive woman in the workplace when one crossed my path. This is where I found myself one school day: noticing an attractive coworker, which placed me in a precarious and somewhat embarrassing situation.

The elementary school I was working in was a two story building. I traversed the stairs in the building multiple times each day. One would think that after several months, I would have been able to climb those steps without incident. That was usually the case. Until you added a pretty girl to the equation.

As I ascended the staircase, one of those pretty teachers was descending. Now, as socially awkward as I tend to be, I was and am still capable of saying hello to a member of the opposite sex when the occasion calls for it. But saying hello while distracted by beauty at that moment caused me to accidentally miss a step.

Big Hero Six - Baymax FallingThat’s right. I tripped.

She reached out to grab my arm in an attempt to save my life. I didn’t really fall, just stumbled a bit. But tripping up the stairs in front of a pretty girl felt pretty humiliating.

As if that wasn’t embarrassing enough, Mr. Socially Awkward here apologized to the girl for my own clumsiness. Looking back, I have no idea what I had to be apologetic for. I hadn’t hurt or offended her. But I felt the need to say something and I said the wrong thing. Par for the course.Channing Tatum - Say the Wrong Thing


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