Stories From a Teacher

Stories from a TeacherTitle: Stories From a Teacher

Author: Jonathan Flores

Published: 2012

Some time ago, I saw something on Facebook about BookBub. It’s a service that provides information about free and discounted ebooks that are available. This encouraged me to sign up. Since then, I’ve downloaded dozens of free books to my Kindle. Stories From a Teacher is one of them.

Generally, I’m drawn to true life anecdotal books revolving around the workplace. Depending on the author, a lot of these stories can turn out to be really humorous. That’s why I decided to download this free copy. And the fact that I currently work in a school just made the book that much more appealing to me.

Jonathan Flores begins his book with the lighter side of teaching. The stories are funny and even make the reader feel kind of good. As he progresses, the stories become more somber and even a little heartbreaking. Through it all, it’s easy to see Mr. Flores’ passion for helping his students. Sadly, passion was not enough to keep him in the teaching profession for more than four years.

It’s a little disappointing to know that Jonathan Flores resigned from his teaching position at the end of his fourth year. It becomes clear throughout the book that he becomes discouraged by students, parents, fellow faculty, administration, and even the school system. Working in a school, I see many of his frustrations manifested in the teachers I work with. It’s easy to see how educators can become discouraged and even feel like they’re not making a difference. My plea to everyone who ever had a teacher is that you try and help them feel appreciated. And not just during Teacher Appreciation Week at the end of the school year.Dead Poets Society - Words

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