Treasure Island

Treasure Island - Cover.jpgTitle: Treasure Island

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson

Published: 1883

For a very long time, I’ve steered clear of books that are considered classic literature. In most cases, I’m sure it’s out of a fear that somehow my 11th grade American Lit. teacher will appear from nowhere and expect me to write an exhaustive paper on the hidden symbolism found within.

But the thing about classic literature is that, most of the time, it’s free to download on my Kindle.

That was the case with Treasure Island. It’s a book that I’ve known only by reputation for most of my life. I’ve never seen a film adaptation. Not even the Muppet version. The only thing I knew for sure about Long John Silver was that he could cook a mean fish and fries combo meal.

Now, having read the novel, I know a lot more about Silver, Flint, and young Jim Hawkins, who narrates most of the tale. Some of the language takes some getting used to, but what would you expect from a story written over a hundred years ago which takes place over 250 years ago. It’s a fun read: adventure, intrigue, and even a bit of comedy thrown in Well, I thought it had some funny parts, anyway.

It’s made me appreciate classics a little more. Good thing since that’s the majority of what’s on my Kindle. Maybe I’ll go back and read The Scarlet Letter or The Red Badge of Courage, both of which I allegedly read in 11th grade. However, Mr. Isaacs, I will not be looking for any symbolism. Sorry.


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