The Gospel and.. the Bachelor? // Rebecca

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The Staff of Cru at Virginia Tech

I’m convinced that by this point every woman in America has seen at least one episode of the Bachelor – or they have a friend who talks so much about it, they feel like they watch it. But, what has struck me as I’ve watched this past season is the realization that if I were to go on the show, I would be acting the exact same way as the contestants we are currently seeing. The tears, the insecurities, the fears, the comparison – you would see all of those from me.

But wait. That’s the reason half of America watches the show right? To poke fun at the contestants as they cry after being sent home on the first night or to cringe as a contestant says she’s falling in love with the Bachelor after two weeks. That’s the entertainment value that America eats up. However, I’ve found that…

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