The 10 Best Movies of 2015

Kids, have you discovered the time waster that is Flickchart? It’s kind of amazing. See, how it works is, you go on there and they give you two movies to choose from. The idea is you keep picking which movie is the better of the two between each random pairing. When I first found the site, years ago, I spent a lot of time ranking all the movies I’d seen throughout my life. I actually spent more time than I’d like to admit. It was the kind thing where I’d be sitting in front of my computer and the, suddenly, it’s two hours later. If it’s accurate, I’ve seen 2,209 movies over the course of nearly 36 years. That feels like a lot.

Anyway, I don’t get on there for hours at a time anymore. Generally, I just go on to make sure I rank new movies as I see them. And so, using the system that is Flickchart, I’ve decided to share my top 10 movies from 2015. I’m not sure how well this top 10 list can be trusted, though. Which also makes me question my entire list’s rankings. But I’m not about to spend hours trying to rearrange the movies as I see fit. And I’m rambling…

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - Ant-Man10. Ant-Man – This was a surprising one for me. I do love a good superhero movie and, while I’m generally more of a DC than a Marvel, I try to make a point of seeing the new Marvel movies whenever they come out. I liked the way this one presented itself for the most part. I’m okay with this one coming in at number ten.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - Woman in Gold9. Woman in Gold – Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds did a great job with this one, based on a true story. It’s about a woman who is trying to reclaim a piece of art that was stolen from her family by the Nazis during World War II. Definitely worth the time to watch, kids.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - The Hateful Eight8. The Hateful Eight – I promise, I had no idea that this would come in at number eight. But, it’s fitting, I suppose. Not Tarantino’s best (that would be Django Unchained, IMHO), but still a decent flick. I liked the Hitchcockian aspect to it. But if you have a weak stomach, avoid it.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - The Man from UNCLE7. The Man from U.N.C.L.E. – I really liked this one. From what I’ve heard lately, a lot of people (critics) didn’t so much. There’s something about a Cold War spy story that gets kind of exciting.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - Mockingjay Part 26. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 – Was there any doubt this would be top 10? The books were great, the movies were adequate. I actually liked this movie a lot. Definitely better than Part 1. Probably because there was a lot more happening this time around.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - Rogue Nation5. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation – That’s right. Another action/spy flick. Did I like this one better than Ghost Protocol? Possibly. What’s not to like, though? Motorcycle chases, sniper vs. sniper at the opera, Tom Cruise drowning… Exciting stuff.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - Spectre.gif4. Spectre – That’s right. Another action/spy flick. When Christoph Waltz is the villain behind all the previous villains, you know it’s gonna be a strong Bond movie. Kind of ties a nice little bow around Daniel Craig’s turn as 007.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - The Martian3. The Martian – This should probably be a little higher on the list. Not that the third spot isn’t a good place to be. But I kind of loved this movie. I had different expectations for the ending, but I wasn’t exactly disappointed.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - The Intern2. The Intern – I definitely loved this movie. I remember thinking, as I watched it, that this was the kind of movie I’d really like to own when it comes out on DVD. I don’t often buy DVDs anymore, so I feel like that’s saying something.

Top 10 Movies of 2015 - The Force Awakens1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Yeah, I know. A lot of people will be disappointed by my placement of this as my number one movie of the year. It’s the only one I paid to see more than once, though. I can hear your arguments about how it’s basically a remake of the original Star Wars. But, you know what? It was a fun movie-going experience and it topped everything else I saw this year.

So that’s about the it of it. What were your top movies of 2015? Let me know in the comments what you paid to see and what you’d pay to see again and again.


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