Day Nineteen

A Talent of Mine

Day Nineteen - TalentedI really don’t like to brag. I mean, I know I get on here and occasionally write about how awesome I am. But, you know, that’s just a shallow facade attempting to mask the decades of insecurity that rest just under the surface of my personality. More often than not, that insecurity surfaces, turning me into the shy, selectively mute person that I was in high school.

And when it comes to just about anything I do, I’m my own worst critic. The way I see myself, I think that I’m okay at a lot of things, but I don’t really excel at anything. When I was doing the white board ads at the bank and drawing pictures for those, customers would come in and compliment them all the time. But I never thought they were that great. I’ve written things other than posts for this blog and have had people tell me they think that I’m a good writer. But I always second guess myself, so I’ve never attempted to put myself out there where writing is concerned. Again, in my mind, I just think it’s something I’m okay at.

Day Six - SingingAnd then there’s the thing I’ve been doing since I started forming real words with my mouth. I grew up singing and constantly had people telling me how good I was. I didn’t let it go to my head. I still just think it’s one of those things I do that I’m just okay at. A choir director once told me he thought I had the strongest tenor voice that he had ever worked with. I took that as a huge compliment and it made me feel really good. Then I went and tried out for American Idol and the producers who didn’t choose me to move on to the next round only confirmed for me that I was merely mediocre.

But, you know what, screw the producers at American Idol. I have the voice of an angel. And I can do different voices pretty well. You should hear me do the “12 Days of Christmas” like the Muppets. 12 different voices. It’s something special.Day Nineteen - Muppets


3 thoughts on “Day Nineteen

  1. I thought you posted this muppets video linked to you singing the 12 Days of Christmas? I was so excited…and then disappointed because you didn’t.

    Well, I guess I’ll just imagine it to be something special.

    I can’t sing in tune at all… my husband said I’m tone deaf, and I can’t dance on the beat either. Here I thought, I could at least dance. I always knew about the singing…and avoid. Good thing, my husband doesn’t care how I sing or dance…if it’s a wedding (and drinks) the worse you are, the more fun or no one cares.

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