Day Eight

A Photo That Makes Me Angry

Hang on for a sec… I’m gonna have to scour through my photo archives to see if I can find something that actually makes me angry. If I find a pic of someone not using a turn signal while dressed like a clown, well, that’ll make it easy. I don’t think I have anything like that though… BRB…Sunday School MuralHow about this one? Okay, it doesn’t make me angry so much as annoyed. First of all, the fact that this mural can be found on the wall of a Sunday school classroom probably makes me a horrible person for picking on the thing at all. But let’s start with that rainbow. Many years ago, I have no doubt that we were taught the ROY G BIV mnemonic device. So that tells us exactly what colors go where. Here we have four colors. And they are in order. But the confusing thing is that there are key colors missing. I could let you slide with leaving out indigo. What does indigo even look like, anyway? But you’re missing orange and violet. These are important secondary colors. Include them in your rainbow.

Next, let’s discuss the placement of the rainbow. It looks as if it begins inside the anthropomorphized sun and then disappears inside a cloud. This is scientifically impossible. Look, I’m not going to claim to know everything about the way sunlight refracts through rain to create the rainbow. But I’m pretty sure that the sun has to be shining behind one’s vantage point in order for the rainbow to appear visible. A rainbow cannot appear to go behind the sun. I’m sorry, it just can’t.

Finally… what’s with those eyebrows, sunshine? They’re a little excessive. I mean, I’m never one to give advice on whether one should tweeze or whatever it is that people do to their eyebrows. But really, excessive.

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