Day Two

My Favorite Movie

Back to the FutureIf you’ve been reading this blog for even as little as the last two weeks, you’ll know that my favorite movie is Back to the Future. I’ve written about the thing enough times that it should really be no shock to anyone. But, really, what’s not to love? As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, it’s got some action, some comedy, some sci-fi shenanigans. And Marty McFly invents the skateboard. Uh, you’re welcome, Tony Hawk.

It’s the movie that made the flux capacitor a key component whenever anyone thinks of time travel. It’s the movie that explained to the world exactly what a jigowatt was. And, I know, it’s really gigawatt, but Doc Brown said “jig” so that’s what I’m going with. Would you dispute Dr. Emmett L. Brown? The man invented time travel!

There are other movies that I have deemed to be very good. Someday I’ll compile my own top 100 like the AFI’s done. Stay tuned, it’ll happen eventually.Where We're Going - Doc and Marty


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