A Legend of the Absentee Bank Teller

In the world of banking, the people on the front lines of the industry are known as tellers. These are the people who are expected to help customers with all of their day to day banking needs. It is often a thankless and miserable position to hold. These are their stories. These are their legends…

Bank TellerI didn’t always work at the bank. I mean, I did. But I got to take vacation time every now and then. Not that the bank paid me enough money to save up for a real vacation that allowed me to go anywhere. No, those bank teller vacations were more like staycations. But once, I was able to take an entire, glorious week off.

On one of those staycation days, I went to see a movie with a friend. While I was sitting in the darkened theater, I felt the phone in my pocket start to buzz. I looked and saw that I had a text message from my assistant manager, whom I’ve referred to as Barney Stinson. The following is an exact transcript of the text exchange that occurred throughout that afternoon…

Barney: U just missed me punch the wall

Me: Is there a story to accompany the punching of the wall or did the wall just piss you off?

Barney: I ran ur window all afternoon. U truly have the worst job on the planet. Why does God create so many stupid people?

Me: I may have to quote you for my blog.

Barney: Plz do. It was brutal. Station got kicked. Punched wall. Took off shoe when foot got sore and banged shoe on station

Barney: Accidental GD with microphone on

Sounds like it was a pretty eventful day at the bank. I’m just sorry I missed out. Wait… no I’m not. I’m not sorry at all.

I’m sorry that Barney had to put up with what I dealt with on a daily basis. But he only had to put up with it for that one week. I would soon be back to take crap from my regular customers. I particularly liked what he said about me having the worst job on the planet. I was never really sure if that was entirely true. But at least there was someone out there who could sympathize when I had my bad days.


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