The Single Guy and the Shelter

The following account is based on actual events which occurred a number of years ago…

The Single Guy made a last ditch effort to gain the attention of the Girl in the White SUV. He sent an arrangement of daisies along with another letter expressing his desire to take her out sometime. Several days passed and the Single Guy received no response.

He thought that hearing nothing from the Girl in the White SUV would hurt more than it did. In fact, he was surprised to find that not hearing from her didn’t hurt at all. He felt no heartache. He wasn’t thrilled at the fact that he had spent close to $50 on flowers for a girl that wouldn’t even bother contacting him, but he wasn’t distraught over the loss of money either.

For years, the Single Guy had been, well, single. He hadn’t even attempted to put himself out there to see what possibilities the dating world had to offer. At some point, he just decided that there was no point. He thought, Why should I make myself vulnerable just to get hurt in the end? Because that was all he had experienced. He had never experienced the joy and happiness that can come from being a part of a healthy relationship. He had only known the sadness and depression that comes with having one’s heart broken.

He thought for sure that this time, after remaining sheltered for so long, this small act of sending flowers would cause him to be vulnerable in a way that he hadn’t experienced in nearly a decade. As it turns out, all that time away from the world of dating had the opposite effect. It should really come as no surprise that the Single Guy had become even more cynical than he was before.

So the fat lady could take the stage. She could sing her happy little heart out. The Girl in the White SUV would be a part of the past and the Single Guy had washed his hands clean. And, for some reason, he just couldn’t seem to care. He was content with the fact that he tried to get this girl’s attention. And it wasn’t as if she was just any girl. She was pretty far out of his league. And, for a while, he did get her attention. He acknowledged the fact that he may not have struck while the iron was hot. But that was okay, too. He refused to spend any time second guessing himself or the decisions he made.

And then the Single Guy thought about getting himself out there a little more. His Assistant Branch Manager was a whiz when it came to the social network. There were times when the Single Guy thought of the Assistant Manager as a real life Barney Stinson. He really wasn’t as Barney Stinson as Barney Stinson was, but he was pretty close. But the Single Guy had thought about inviting himself along when Barney Stinson hit the bars. And then he thought about it a little more.

For the vast majority of his 30 years, the Single Guy had lived a fairly sheltered life. That wasn’t to say he hadn’t experienced life at all. He had just been very careful about the decision that he had made. So if Barney were to take him out and set him up with a woman that he knew, there was a good chance that she would have eaten the Single Guy alive. Still, the idea was intriguing.


One thought on “The Single Guy and the Shelter

  1. “…he had spent close to $50 on flowers for a girl that wouldn’t even bother contacting him”

    Dude. She owes you nothing. It teeters on rapey to demand any sort of return payment, be it attention or otherwise. The sooner you learn it, the better: other people get to have their own thoughts.


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