Ignoring the ATM

In the world of banking, the people on the front lines of the industry are known as tellers. These are the people who are expected to help customers with all of their day to day banking needs. It is often a thankless and miserable position to hold. These are their stories. These are their legends…

Bank Teller 4Once upon a time, when I was tellering, as I often did as a bank teller, a customer approached the counter from the lobby side of things. Normally, I would ignore such a thing, but since I was the only free teller at the moment and there were no cars at the drive through lane, I decided to do what I was getting paid to do. I asked the woman if I could help her.

“If I want to withdraw money, do I need to use the ATM outside or can I just do that in here?”

I told her of course she could get money inside, she’d just need to fill out a withdrawal ticket. And show me some ID so I could find her account number.

“Oh, I don’t have an account here.”

Really? In that case, you’ll definitely need to go to the ATM. Now, maybe this is a new one to me, but if you have an account with Bank A, do you really expect to go into Bank B to withdraw your money? Use your brain, lady.

And she looked at me like I was the moron.


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