Fun with Film

When I watch a movie for the first time, I like to pay attention. I like to take in the images on the screen. I like to let my brain go to town analyzing the characters and the plot and the dialogue. It’s not as if I pull every film I see apart and attempt to determine what the creators were trying to say with their use of symbolism. I know that sort of thing is out there, but I generally just watch a movie intending to be entertained.

That doesn’t mean I don’t pay attention when I’ve seen a movie dozens of times, though. But with those kinds of movies, the ones I can watch over and over again, something becomes more fun about them. I won’t talk during one of those first-timers, but when I’m watching something like Back to the Future, talking becomes a part of the viewing experience.

When I’ve seen a movie more than a few times, it becomes incredibly easy to tear it apart. When watching a plot unfold for the hundredth time, it’s easy to find the holes and exploit them through biting sarcasm. There’s something fun about mocking beloved movies. You know, like they do on Mystery Science Theater 3000.Fun with Film - MST3KBut don’t worry. I would never do that to Back to the Future, the most awesome movie ever made. Ever.


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