Back to Work

Kids, it’s that time of year.

After enjoying two blissful months off work, it’s time for school to start back up. That means that I’ll be spending a good eight hours each day hanging out at a tiny elementary school in rural southwest Virginia. To say that the internet is unreliable is an understatement.Destroy the Computer

Those of you whose blogs I read on a regular basis, I’m gonna miss out on some things, I’m sure. I’ll try and play catch up when I can, but most websites that I can normally access at home are blocked by the internet security in place at the school.

The struggle is real, people. I can’t get on Facebook. I can’t get on Twitter. I can’t read most blogs. I can’t get on YouTube. I can’t get on Netflix. I can’t even read a Buzzfeed article.

During the school year, this isn’t such a handicap. When the kids are here, I have plenty to do. But during this week prior to the actual start of the school year, I’m expected to be at the school because these are teacher workdays. As a counselor, I’ve been asked to prepare my workspace for the kids and to update paperwork.

My workspace is roughly the size of a walk in closet. Set up took about 5 minutes. Updating paperwork for three kids I haven’t seen all summer? That took about an hour. So what do I do with the other 30 hours and 55 minutes I’ll be spending at the school between now and next Tuesday?Back to Work - Bored

I’ve brought a couple of books. I have my iPad… not that I can play any games on it with the internet connection being wonky. I have my phone… but that gets little to no signal about 90% of the time. I have my laptop and can blog… but I can’t post. I’ll have to write things in a Word document, then copy and paste later. At least I can get ahead of some posts in case there are days to come when I don’t feel like coming up with something to blog about.

Why does summer have to end in early August?


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