ScattergoriesThis could be fun. Take the first letter of your first name, then write answers based on the following list. You know, like the game… Scattergories… but no pesky time limit! Can’t be that hard, right?

  1. What is your name? Aaron
  2. A four letter word: Army
  3. A boy’s name: Andy
  4. A girl’s name: Amy
  5. An occupation: Astronaut
  6. A color: Aquamarine
  7. Something you wear: Ascot
  8. A food: Artichoke
  9. Something found in the bathroom: Air freshener
  10. A place: Azerbaijan
  11. A reason for being late: Alarm didn’t go off
  12. Something you shout: ALVIN!
  13. A movie title: Armageddon
  14. Something you drink: Apple juice
  15. A musical group: A-ha
  16. An animal: Aardvark
  17. A street name: Avenue
  18. A type of car: Aston Martin

Piece of cake. You try it. I’m sure there are a lot of letters that will be a lot more difficult than A.


5 thoughts on “Scattergories

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  3. I was always AWESOME at this game.

    What is your name? Erynn
    A four letter word: Echo
    A boy’s name: Elmer (just for fun)
    A girl’s name: Elizabeth
    An occupation: Engineer
    A color: Ecru
    Something you wear: Earrings
    A food: Eggplant
    Something found in the bathroom: Eyedrops
    A place: Eerie, PA
    A reason for being late: Elephant Escape!
    Something you shout: Eureka!
    A movie title: E.T.
    Something you drink: Elderberry Tea
    A musical group: Eurythmics
    An animal: Electric Eel (double points!!!)
    A street name: Elm
    A type of car: Explorer

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