Full House: Where Are They Now?

Full House is another one of those shows that I watched a lot growing up. I’m not sure I ever actually watched it on Friday nights when it originally aired. But I caught every episode at one point or another in syndication. And I’m actually intrigued by the upcoming Full House sequel/spin-off that Netflix is putting together. But, like I did with Saved By the Bell, I decided to do my own hypothetical “where are they now” post with the characters of Full House. Now, I’m pretty brilliant, so I won’t be surprised if some of these ideas are incorporated into the new show. And if that happens, I’ll just let them have it. Intellectual property and all that being what it is.

Danny TannerDanny Tanner – A widower and father of three girls, Danny Tanner enjoyed several years as the popular host of Wake Up, San Francisco. In 2004, Danny was offered a position with ABC as their San Francisco correspondent. He still lives in the same house where he raised his daughters. For the last few years, he has felt pretty lonely, as he has been living there alone. Recently, his youngest daughter, Michelle, moved back in after completing her masters degree.

Joey GladstoneJoey Gladstone – After a run of local stints, Joey gave up on comedy, never really receiving his “big break”. Joey bounced from job to job, occasionally doing voice over work for commercials and cartoons. Mostly, he took on small part-time jobs with local stores or did odd jobs around the different neighborhoods in San Francisco. After the girls all grew up and moved out of the Tanner house, Joey felt he wasn’t needed anymore. He found a small apartment downtown where he lives quietly, keeping mostly to himself.

Uncle JesseJesse Katsopolis – Jesse got back together with The Rippers after their initial split. However, after years of attempting to break into the music business, Jess and the Rippers broke up. Jesse’s bandmates’ reasoning for quitting was that they needed to move on. They needed something other than playing at the Smash Club once a week. It just wasn’t enough. Jesse, however, couldn’t let go and attempted to have a solo career. In 1999, Jesse was able to release a little known album that had only one successful single titled “Have Mercy”. Jesse was a one-hit wonder who retired into obscurity at the turn of the millennium. He currently lives in Oakland with his wife and two sons. His hair is falling out.

DJ TannerDJ Tanner – After graduating from high school, DJ married her high school sweetheart, Steve. Thanks to Steve’s foray into the entertainment industry, DJ has been able to be a stay-at-home mom to raise their two daughters. They currently live in Pasadena and, together, are working on a pilot for a sitcom based on their family titled Four of a Kind.

Stephanie TannerStephanie Tanner – Stephanie graduated from USC with a degree in communications. She intended to follow in her father’s footsteps and began working as a sports correspondent for a local station in Lincoln, Nebraska. She enjoys being away from home and away from family. She relishes the opportunity to have her own place and not having to share a bedroom with either of her sisters.

Michelle TannerMichelle Tanner – Michelle’s teenage years were difficult for her. After suffering a head injury from falling off a horse, she developed a split personality. Michelle struggled for a long time, but was finally able, through medication and therapy, to suppress her second personality, known only as “Ashley”. She recently graduated from UC San Francisco with a masters degree in psychology and has moved back in with her father. She still says the phrase, “You got it, dude,” ad nauseum, refusing to believe that it is no longer cute.

Becky DonaldsonBecky Donaldson-Katsopolis – Becky is still working as a producer on Wake Up, San Francisco. She has been instrumental in introducing the weekly “Local Sounds” segment, which features local bands and artists. Many groups featured in this segment have gone on to receive national attention and recording contracts. Even though her husband, Jesse, has been featured over a dozen times, his ship has yet to sail. She’s not sure how to tell him that the public isn’t looking for an over-the-hill singer who is obsessed with Elvis.

Kimmy GiblerKimmy Gibler – Like Stephanie, Kimmy received a degree in communications. Convinced by her friends in college that she had a face for radio, Kimmy pursued a career as a radio talk show host. She now has a successful talk show based out of Oakland that is syndicated up and down the west coast.

Steve Hale – DJ’s husband left San Francisco to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Upon moving to the Los Angeles area, he was able to find work as a voice actor, working for Disney as the voice of Aladdin. He has since given up voice acting and works as a writer alongside his wife. They hope to get their sitcom developed as a mid-season replacement in the next television season.

Nick and Alex Katsopolis – At the age of 24, Nick and Alex have grown to be a couple of pretty well adjusted guys. Their only true hang up is their embarrassment whenever their dad gets his hands on a guitar, which always seems to happen whenever their friends are around. Both of them have adamantly stated that they want nothing to do with music in their respective careers.


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