Question of the Week #71

Would you be willing to have horrible nightmares every night for a year if you would be rewarded with extraordinary wealth? No, I wouldn't. Nightmares can drive people crazy. What's fun about being insanely rich if you're driven insane in the process? Though, I guess if you have a lot of money at the end … Continue reading Question of the Week #71

The Next Step

Originally written in June of 2011... Once upon a time... That's how these things begin, right? With a "once upon a time," followed somewhat closely by a "happily ever after..." Well, if you want happily ever after, you're in the wrong place. I can guarantee the once upon a time, but this tale does not … Continue reading The Next Step

A Wealthy Legend of the Bank Teller

In the world of banking, the people on the front lines of the industry are known as tellers. These are the people who are expected to help customers with all of their day to day banking needs. It is often a thankless and miserable position to hold. These are their stories. These are their legends… … Continue reading A Wealthy Legend of the Bank Teller