10 Scenes That Will Make Me Cry Every Time

I want to start out by saying this isn't the post I intended to write today. No, my plan was to write a story based on Paul's challenge. However, as I was writing, I really didn't like where it was going. So I scrapped it. So, Paul, I apologize. Your story is next and it … Continue reading 10 Scenes That Will Make Me Cry Every Time

Coming Attractions

I'm tired. I'm tired and I've got a paper that I need to write. And I've got a lot of stuff on my mind but I'm not sure how to put it all in words right now. It's just a big emotional mess in here and I've got to sort it all out before I … Continue reading Coming Attractions


More often than not, I think commercials are stupid. Now that I live in an age of DVRs, I tend to fast forward through those annoying commercials. But several years ago, fast forwarding just wasn't much of an option for me. Now, I never used T-Mobile for cellular service. But these commercials just cracked me … Continue reading Mobile