Conner could feel how sharp the razor was as it scraped across his face. Shaving was such a hassle, but it was necessary. Especially today. He finished removing the stubble from his cheeks and chin and splashed water in his face. He took a look at himself in the mirror, just to make sure he … Continue reading Sharp


My Second Family

Hey, kids... I'm out of town this week. Finally taking that vacation I’ve been thinking about for eight years. Anyway, while I’m gone some friends have agreed to write some guest posts for my blog. Today’s post comes from Paul. I asked him the question, what is one experience that has shaped the person you … Continue reading My Second Family

Graduation Day

I live in a college town. Actually, this town is home to a pretty large university. (Largest in the state? I'll get my fact-checkers on that right away.) This weekend was graduation for that institution. Therefore, driving through town was something of a nightmare, if one's nightmare consists of being stuck in traffic for approximately … Continue reading Graduation Day