Some Thoughts About The Stand

When it was said, several years ago, that CBS was putting together a new adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand, I was kind of psyched. It's been so long since it was first announced, I really can't remember if there was talk of a movie or a mini-series or a full on TV show. But … Continue reading Some Thoughts About The Stand


The Stand, Part III

1,140 pages later, I was finished. And, I have to say, I was a little disappointed. There are probably a lot of people out there who would read that last statement and start hurling rocks and insults my way. Before you reach for your rotten tomatoes, listen to me. It's just the ending that disappointed … Continue reading The Stand, Part III

The Stand, Part II

Some time ago I began reading Stephen King's The Stand. Being such a large novel, and being conveniently broken down into three parts, I decided to read it in pieces. So now, I've come back to the second book in The Stand: On the Boarder. Honestly, I'm not sure if "Boarder" is a typo or … Continue reading The Stand, Part II

The Stand, Part I

Have you ever read The Stand? It's a massive Stephen King novel that was originally published in 1978, but was then republished in 1990 under the guise of being "complete & uncut." I guess the latter version is something of a director's cut. That's the version I'm reading. It comes in at a total of … Continue reading The Stand, Part I