My Favorite Movies #65 – The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride 1987 Directed by Rob Reiner Netflix says...┬áBlending comedy, adventure, romance and fantasy, this cult classic follows peasant farmhand Westley as he battles three bumbling outlaws and a nefarious prince to win the hand of his one true love, a young woman named Buttercup. This is one of those movies that didn't actually … Continue reading My Favorite Movies #65 – The Princess Bride


Pointless Remakes

It's absolutely no secret that I love movies. I love sitting at home on a rainy day and seeing what's on Netflix or popping in a DVD. I love buying a ticket and mooching off a friend's bucket of popcorn to see a movie in a darkened theater. What I don't love is a pointless … Continue reading Pointless Remakes