Open Letter to Predatory Telemarketers

Dear Predatory Telemarketers, Please stop calling me. Ha! Like I actually think saying "please" will get me anywhere with you people. I know the calls will never stop. But you really need to be smarter about this whole thing, okay? It's one thing for you to call me on my personal cell phone number, which … Continue reading Open Letter to Predatory Telemarketers

Ghosting the Telemarketers

I hate getting calls from telemarketers. And I think it's safe to assume I'm not alone in that particular hatred. Most of the time, these calls are completely unsolicited. It's not like I've put my phone number out there for random companies to find and dial up so that I can buy something I don't … Continue reading Ghosting the Telemarketers

Do Not Call

As most of you are aware, I recently changed jobs. With that change, came a change in health insurance coverage. In my adult life, every full-time job I've had has provided me with some sort of health plan. Unfortunately, this is not something the church has been able to provide as I've come on board … Continue reading Do Not Call


It had been a long day for Bobby Christopher. He wasn't exactly living the dream as a telemarketer. But times were tough and a job was a job. For the last four months, he had found himself day in and day out sitting in a small cubicle, attempting to sell HBO to cable customers all … Continue reading Subscribe