Question of the Week #293

What is your greatest accomplishment? Has it meant as much to you as you thought it would? Is there anything you hope to do that would be even better? This is a difficult question for me to answer. Maybe it comes down to a confidence or self-esteem issue. But I just don't consider myself very … Continue reading Question of the Week #293

Question of the Week #281

Have your character and humanity been forged more by pleasure and success or by pain and disappointment? If you could somehow protect your loved ones from pain and failure, do you think they might ultimately end up diminished by your efforts? "The greatest teacher, failure is." - Yoda, Star Wars - Episode VIII: The Last … Continue reading Question of the Week #281

Question of the Week #272

Would you rather be very successful professionally with only a tolerable private life, or have a great private life but an uninspiring professional one? If you feel your private life is more important to you, do your priorities reflect this? If no, why not? I prefer the private life over the professional one. And, yes, … Continue reading Question of the Week #272

Question of the Week #182

Have you ever disliked someone for being luckier or more successful than you? No. Good for them. I don't really believe in luck. Or coincidence. I generally feel like if someone finds themselves in their own success story, it's because they've done the work to get there. I know that some have been more unscrupulous … Continue reading Question of the Week #182

Question of the Week #36

If you knew you could devote yourself to any single occupation--music, writing, acting, business, politics, medicine, etc.--and be among the best and most successful in the world at it, what would you choose? If you knew you had only a 10 percent chance of being so successful, would you still put in the effort? I … Continue reading Question of the Week #36

Question of the Week #14

Would you rather be extremely successful professionally and have a tolerable yet unexciting private life, or have an extremely happy private life and only a tolerable and uninspiring professional life? Why can't both sides of my life be merely tolerable and unexciting? Excitement leads to ulcers and sweaty palms. I kid. At this point, with … Continue reading Question of the Week #14