7 Sitcoms I Can Watch on Repeat

To be clear, when I say sitcoms I can watch I repeat, I mean sitcoms that are available on streaming services that I could sit through from start to finish and then start all over again. Sometimes these are shows that I'll turn on for background noise when I'm finishing paperwork or when I'm cleaning … Continue reading 7 Sitcoms I Can Watch on Repeat


Splitting the Check

All right kids, help me out with this. What's the norm? When you go to a restaurant with a big group of people, do you tell your server that you're on individual checks or do you let the restaurant just divide the check up evenly, no matter what everyone gets? Personally, I've only ever experienced … Continue reading Splitting the Check

The Week in Florida

Kids, you won't read this until Thursday afternoon at the very earliest (because that's when I'm gonna schedule the post to go live). But I'm writing it on Wednesday night. As I type these words, I am three and a half days into a week-long training conference. I won't say what the training is for … Continue reading The Week in Florida