Go Vote!

In the United States, today is Election Day. And, if you live in the United States, you've probably been hearing from all sorts of people, from politicians to celebrities to news personalities, that you should go out and vote. Well, I'm not gonna be any different. No, I take that back. The difference here is, … Continue reading Go Vote!

Question of the Week #144

A close friend asks--and genuinely wants--your opinion about something, but your opinion is one that he is likely to find quite painful. For example, your friend is an artist and asks your honest estimate of his chances of being successful. You think he is an atrocious artist who hasn't the slightest chance of success. What … Continue reading Question of the Week #144

Question of the Week #118

If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really thought of you, would you want them to? Yes. I value honesty. Not a very involved answer this week. But, there you go. *The Question of the Week can be found in The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, … Continue reading Question of the Week #118

True Believer

Title: True Believer Author: Nicholas Sparks Published: 2005 I know what I said after I read At First Sight. I said I was done with Nicholas Sparks. I said that I hated the man and that I was stupid for continually picking up his novels and subjecting myself to the torture of reading them. But … Continue reading True Believer

Just a Quick Poll Here…

Okay, I'm posting this because I genuinely want some opinions from the good people of the internet. I've been under some fairly heavy stress of late. And I know I've sort of been beating that dead horse repeatedly on this blog, but I'm sure it'll go away eventually, right? Well, it won't just go away. … Continue reading Just a Quick Poll Here…