Question of the Week #75

After a medical examination, your doctor calls and gravely says you have a rare lymphatic cancer and only a few months to live. Five days later, she informs you that the lab tests were mislabeled; you are perfectly healthy. Forced for a moment to look death in the face, you have been allowed to turn … Continue reading Question of the Week #75


Another Parenthood Post

I recently wrote about how I had been binge watching the Parenthood TV series via Netflix. As I have navigated my way through the latter seasons, something occurred to me which caused me to connect a character in the show to my personal life. Actually, not so much my personal life as the personal life … Continue reading Another Parenthood Post

Being Mocked By a Poster

See that? That picture there with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels? The one that looks like they're pointing and laughing at you? It's like they're literally saying, "Ha! We got you to pay good money to see a really bad movie! All because you felt some ridiculous sense of nostalgia! Suckers!"