Some Thoughts About Cruella

Cruella 2021 Directed by Craig Gillespie Quick synopsis... In this live-action origin story based on the Disney classic "101 Dalmatians," young Cruella de Vil is working as a fashion designer in 1970s London -- until an obsession with dog skins leads her astray. Let's hear it for cinemas reopening! In my area, the AMC theaters … Continue reading Some Thoughts About Cruella


After Seeing the “Live Action” Remake of The Lion King

Kids, even before seeing this movie, I was an emotional roller coaster in regards to its very existence. I remember seeing Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book remake and thinking, "They could remake The Lion King." I had that thought based on how well done I thought The Jungle Book had been. Now, by the time The Jungle Book came … Continue reading After Seeing the “Live Action” Remake of The Lion King

Pointless Remakes

It's absolutely no secret that I love movies. I love sitting at home on a rainy day and seeing what's on Netflix or popping in a DVD. I love buying a ticket and mooching off a friend's bucket of popcorn to see a movie in a darkened theater. What I don't love is a pointless … Continue reading Pointless Remakes