Question of the Week #154

Do you judge others by higher or lower standards than you use to judge yourself? I'm sorry to say that I typically judge people on higher standards than I hold myself to. I hate it when I do that, though. Because who am I to judge anyone? Really. I feel like I should have more … Continue reading Question of the Week #154

Question of the Week #94

On a busy street you are approached apologetically by a well-dressed stranger who asks for a dollar to catch a bus and make a phone call. He says he has lost his wallet. What would you do? If approached in the same way by a haggard-looking stranger claiming to be hungry and unable to find … Continue reading Question of the Week #94


Title: Stargirl Author: Jerry Spinelli Published: 2000 I've had something of a thing for nostalgia lately. I've been picking up some books that I enjoyed reading as a kid. No, Stargirl is not one of those books. I was 20 years old when this book was first published. But its author, Jerry Spinelli, wrote one … Continue reading Stargirl

7 Types of Friends and How to Identify Them

Once upon a time, I had writer's block. Well, blog writer's block, anyway. So, as is sometimes the case, I put the call out on social media for topical ideas. I got one response from a Facebook friend asking, "What constitutes a true Christian friend?" I'll be honest, that's deep. It's deeper than I had … Continue reading 7 Types of Friends and How to Identify Them