Song Roulette

All right. I'm caving. I'll do it. I've seen Paul do this one. And then Jess. And then Meghan. I've resisted because, despite my diverse taste in music, I'm fairly certain whatever songs happen to come up in this thing will be mocked relentlessly. But in thinking a little more deeply about it, I don't … Continue reading Song Roulette

I Miss CDs

Kids, music used to be something more than what you could download from iTunes. It used to be more than finding your favorite artist on YouTube and watching their latest music video. It used to show up on little plastic discs that were read by lasers. Once upon a time, this was advanced technology. Because, … Continue reading I Miss CDs

Day One

My Favorite Song You know, I'm not sure that I have a favorite song. Don't get me wrong, I love music. I sort of play the guitar, but not very well. I wish I could play the piano, but that's a dream that I wish I had embraced as a kid when I still had … Continue reading Day One